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Health and Wellness Resources for Those Living with Diabetes


Being diagnosed with a lifestyle disease like diabetes is difficult to cope with. Not only do you have to adjust emotionally, but the necessary changes to your daily life to prevent further complications take some getting used to. As you begin developing a plan of action to manage your diabetes, take comfort in knowing there are resources available to make daily life easier. Here are a few to consider using:

Blood Glucose Monitor

Keeping track of your sugar levels is imperative as a diabetic. The records help you to maintain a healthy range. If your sugar is too low, it could decrease your ability to think and function or cause your body to go into shock. On the other side of the spectrum, a high blood sugar level will damage your central nervous system and vital organs.

It is often recommended that diabetics check their sugar levels several times a day (when you wake up, before a meal, and before going to sleep). A blood glucose monitor makes this possible. Simply use the device to draw a small amount of blood and review the digital screen to get an accurate reading.

Diabetic Socks

Diabetics are at an increased risk of developing foot injuries and infections. This is especially true for patients who often have high blood sugar levels. The high sugar levels cause damage to the nerves in the foot causing circulation and sensation issues. As it can be difficult to tell when you’ve been injured (lack of sensation in the foot), the injury remains and worsens leading to an infection and the possible need for an amputation. Diabetic socks, however, are designed to help improve circulation, absorb moisture (sweat), and decrease the risk of injury.

Food Tracker Apps

Part of maintaining the proper diet as a diabetic means figuring out how your body and blood sugar levels respond to certain foods. Keeping a detailed record of what you’re eating coupled with glucose monitoring before and after meals can help you to determine which foods are best for you to eat  (and which you should stay away from).

Food tracker apps make this an easy task. Simply download the application to your computer or mobile phone and record what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Advanced trackers can help you identify specific products and obtain nutritional information (grams of sugar, calories, ingredients, etc).

Online Support Groups

Having to live with a condition like diabetes isn’t easy. The disease creates a multitude of problems causing you to have good days and bad ones. This can be a lot to deal with emotionally. Yet, added stress and anxiety will only exacerbate your symptoms. It is, therefore, ideal to surround yourself with support. While friends and family are great places to start, online support groups introduce you to a group of individuals with firsthand experience of living with diabetes. They can give you tips, share stories, and provide you with inspiration to help you live the best life possible.

If you or someone you know was recently diagnosed with a lifestyle disease like diabetes, don’t be discouraged. The disease is very manageable thanks to modern medicine and technology. If managing your diabetes seems complex or overwhelming, utilize the above-mentioned resources to help make daily living easier.