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What To Know About Hasselback Potatoes


Since 1953 when Leif Ellison created the Hasselback potatoes, the recipe has become popular in restaurants across the world. Leif discovered and perfected this recipe while trying different lessons on how to bake a potato at the Hasselback restaurant in Djurgarden, Stockholm, Sweden.

The Hasselback potato is a variety of baked potatoes that is characteristic of its thin fan-like slices. The potato is sliced almost halfway through, seasoned and baked. The Hasselback potato is a special type of baked potato chips, except that the slices are all still connected to the common base. Hasselback potatoes can be stuffed or topped with preferred flavorings before baking or eating, respectively.

Nutritional value of Hasselback potatoes

Hasselback potatoes, like most other potato recipes, are known to fill and provide nutrition. Three large baked potatoes can give about 620 calories, provided olive oil, or other non-fatty oils are used. If toppings are added before consumption, the caloric count will increase. Hasselback baked potatoes are not only delicious but also safe calorie-wise; so, you should have no problem adopting it into most diets.

How to bake a potato

Baking a Hasselback potato is pretty easy. The cooking time is around an hour. The following are needed: raw potatoes, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, rosemary. It is best to make use of potato species with the most starch content. Russets will be perfect.

First, the potato is washed to remove any dirt. This is important as the skin will not be peeled off. Next, the potato is sliced thinly to about two-thirds into the middle. Make sure you do not cut too deep. How thin your slices are will depend on your preference, but they should not be large. Now start baking the sliced potatoes in an oiled platform with the garlic and rosemary added. When it is half-done, apply olive oil using a brush, ensuring that the oil seeps between the slices. Keep baking until the whole potato is crisp (when it turns golden).

When next you wonder how to bake a potato just lying around your kitchen, you can try out this delicious recipe. You can also include this in your children’s lunchbox; the meal will fill them without the risk of extra calories. You can go further to explore creative ways to add vegetables or other things they will enjoy with it –cheese, bacon, and even sour cream.