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3 Things You Must Do Before Entering Your First Yoga Class


Yoga is a great activity you can do every once to vitalise your body and help your weight reduction. The beauty of Yoga is found in it’s not-so-demanding nature. It doesn’t require you to be the ideal fit to start your Yoga journey. So if you’re planning to find an instructor with experience in Yoga teacher training in Singapore, it’s never too late or too early for you to start your Yoga journey!

If you’re about to take your Yoga class for the first time, here are some tips you can do to help you prepare:

1. Avoid eating heavy meals before going to class

If you don’t want to feel sick inside your stomach, avoid eating heavy meals before entering a Yoga class. When you eat something heavy then start moving a lot, you will end up churning everything inside your stomach. Almost every Chinese Yoga instructor would advise eating a light meal or snack before entering Yoga class.

2. Know the basic beginner-friendly poses

There is Yin or Chinese Yoga for beginners that you can learn if you want to be acquainted with all the poses before your class starts. Most of these learnings involve familiarising yourself with the simple poses you can do with a few minutes of training and practice. What’s also beneficial is you’ll be less likely to get overwhelmed when you enter your first class. Things won’t be too difficult. Your body can get acclimatised faster since you’ve made early adjustments and familiarity with poses.

3. Have a positive mind

There’s nothing better to carry on through your first class with a positive mindset. Don’t dread or feel bad if your Chinese Yoga instructor corrects your posture. It’s essential that you stay relaxed and light-hearted throughout the session, and most importantly, learn to have fun and enjoy yourself!

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