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5 Signs You Need a Hip Replacement Surgery 


Are you experiencing hip pain and stiffness? Are you struggling to do your everyday activities? If you answered yes, it’s a sign that you need hip replacement surgery in Singapore orTotal Hip Replacement Surgical Procedure seaman oh. Better not ignore it because you’ll end up with more health complications! Luckily, this article will show you the signs that you need hip surgery to improve your mobility and ability to function.

1. Feeling the Chronic Pain

Pain is not going away, and you feel more uncomfortable because of your situation. If this happens to you, there are chances that you may have trouble sleeping and require the need for a walking aid. Of course, one thing that can solve this problem is to undergo hip replacement surgery.

2. Completing Task is Difficult

Do you find it hard to put on your socks or walk without a walking aid? If yes, it’s a clear sign that you might need hip replacement surgery or total hip arthroplasty in Singapore. Better yet, consult a doctor to know if you’re a good candidate for this surgery.

3. Limited Range of Motion

If you can’t move around with flexibility, it’ll be harder for you to do your tasks and walk around your home. It’s an indication that you need to consult an orthopaedic doctor whether you need surgery for a labral tear or hip replacement surgery in Singapore.

4. Medical Condition

Some people are born with hip dysplasia in Singapore, which means they might need hip replacement surgery to correct the form of their bodies. So, for parents who have babies with hip dysplasia, it’s best to consult a doctor to know the proper solution for this medical problem.

5. Home Remedies are not Working

If the home remedies are not working anymore, you might need some professional treatment from your doctor, including medication pills and hip replacement surgery. This way, you can safely address your condition and avoid more health problems.

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