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Can We Call Addiction a Disease? If it’s not, then is it a choice?

Addiction a Disease

Despite so much research on addiction factors, people are still not clear whether addiction is a disease or a choice. Let’s study drug addiction in detail and know whether it is a disease or a choice.

What is Addiction?

Alcohol or drug addiction is a long-term chronic disease of the brain that can happen to anyone regardless of how good their health is. For those who think it’s a choice, then no, it is a substance use disorder that becomes an uncontrollable habit that harms your daily life. From showing up to schools, universities, offices to personal relationships, addiction causes huge harm to your life. This is also one of the reasons getting sober back again gets tougher and important at the same time for all drug addicts.

Addiction A Choice or Disease

Many types of research have shown that addiction is a chronic health condition that people mistakenly believe is a choice because of the various causes of drug addiction. While the first drink or consumption of drugs or alcohol is a choice, it is no longer a choice and is recognized as a disease when addiction begins.

Addiction Is A Chronic Disease Associated With Various Factors

Any disease is a health condition that completely changes the way the body and its organs function. Addiction is a chronic disease, and as we know, chronic disease can be treated, managed, but it can never be cured completely. Besides that, some factors are associated with addiction and increase your risk.

  • Environment

The environment where you stay is also a common risk area when it comes to developing an addiction to something. Growing up in an environment where adults use drugs or consume alcohol, the risk of addiction is also more there.

  • Genetics

It might be surprising for you, but yes, genetics also play a huge role in your risk of addiction. According to different research studies, if addiction runs into a family, there are maximum chances for the adults of that genes to become addicted too.

  • Development

Consumption of drugs from the time of teenage till the age of 25 could help you develop an addiction in the brain. This continuous consumption increases your chances of becoming a serious drug addict who can damage your life very harshly.

While concluding, we can say addiction is not a choice; instead, it is a chronic disease that is treatable. It’s all about the right time to decide on getting sober.