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CBD Facts Everyone Should Know


CBD is considered a versatile compound. The health benefits this substance offers seem to have virtually no end, and scientists and researchers are proving with new studies being released that it can help with an array of health issues.

Even those who do not know much about CBD have likely heard of it and heard something about all the potential benefits it offers. Keep reading to learn more about this substance and some facts that everyone should know. While it is possible to learn more and buy CBD now at Pure Relief, learning more about it first is often helpful.

Cannabis Is Extracted from Marijuana and Hemp

There is a lot of confusing and contradictory information online about CBD. One myth is that CBD is only extracted from a single type of cannabis. However, the truth is, CBD is found in both marijuana and hemp plants.

When extracted from marijuana, the substance is higher in THC and lower in CBD. With hemp, CBD is the dominant substance in the chemical profile of the plant, and THC is only found in very small amounts. The higher concentrations of CBD in the hemp plant make it the ideal source for CBD extraction. Also, hemp grows faster than marijuana, does not require as much care, and is just a better, eco-friendly choice.

Marijuana Can Create Higher CBD Strains

Thanks to things like crossbreeding, marijuana growers can combine several cannabis strains to increase the cannabinoid content. While most of the marijuana strains available are higher in THC, some growers create plants with higher levels of CBD. However, these products will still contain more THC than hemp-derived formulas, so use caution if this option is selected. Also, CBD with higher concentrations of THC is not legal across the country, so this is something that may not be available where recreational marijuana use is still illegal.

CBD Is One of More than 100 Cannabinoids Found in the Cannabis Plant

CBD offers an array of health benefits, and it has a high safety profile. There are no toxicity issues, regardless of how much is used. However, what some people do not realize is that there are more than 100 different cannabinoids in the cannabis count. What is even more surprising is that the number continues to go up as scientists discover even more.

The Body Cannot Differentiate Where CBD Comes From

Regardless of the source, in the body, CBD is CBD. Some cannabis users believe that CBD derived from hemp is not as potent as CBD that is sourced from marijuana. However, CBD from hemp and CBD that comes from marijuana are the same on a molecular level.

Try Quality CBD to Learn More

One of the best ways to learn all about CBD and all the benefits it can provide the body is to try it. Just make sure to purchase from a reputable seller that only offers high-quality products. This will help ensure the experience is a positive one and help someone see all the positive benefits offered by using CBD.