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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Melatonin


Melatonin has become one of the most popular supplements for many people who have a sleep disorder and many other conditions. Although studies indicate that melatonin is among the few best supplement that you can get to treat various kinds of sleep disorders, many people make some common mistakes and fail to achieve the best results. If you are experiencing sleeping problems after surgery, issues maintaining day-night working cycles, and many more conditions, choosing a melatonin supplement is a great idea. This article shall discuss some of the most common mistakes that many people make when using a melatonin supplement. Fr the best results, avoid the mistakes discussed below. They include;

Taking too much melatonin

Taking the right dosage of melatonin is essential for everyone who needs to get the best results. Therefore, according to studies, many people who do not get the best results have high chances of using too much melatonin. The right dosage for melatonin is 0.3 mg. Since many melatonin pills sold weigh 3 grams, many people think that one should use one pill at a time. 3 grams of melatonin represent a substantial overdose that can alter your body functioning and make you fail to get the right results. Remember that taking too much melatonin does not mean one will get more sleep, but you will get confused and groggy. Thus, ensure you take the right dosage every time you want to use the melatonin supplement.

You are taking melatonin at the wrong time

The other common mistake that many melatonin users make is taking the pill when they are already on their beds. According to research done by a group of scientists, it was found that one should take a melatonin supplement 90 minutes before going to bed. That is because the pill takes one and half hours for plasma concentration. When you take the pill right on your bed, you will have to wait for 90 minutes before the pill starts to work. For the best results, use the pill before getting to bed so that you can sleep immediately after going to bed.

Taking the pill as an instant sleep aid

Many people do not know the working of the melatonin supplement. Thus, many people think that the pill will knock your light out immediately and let you be in the state of slumber up to morning. One of the essential things everyone should know is that melatonin is not a sleep aid pill; instead, the tablet helps reduce the sensitivity to light that could make you stay alert for a long time before sleeping. Therefore, when you take a melatonin pill, the drug will help produce more melatonin gummies hormones that make you feel sleepy. Therefore, many people make the mistake of taking the supplement mentioned above as asleep aid drug.

Did not consult your doctor before taking the pill

Taking the melatonin supplement without consulting the doctor is the other most common mistake that many people make when taking the pill mentioned above. The main reason to consult the doctor before taking the melatonin supplement is to avoid taking the wrong dosage. That is because most of the pills sold weigh more than the recommended quantity. For instance, most of the pills weigh 3 grams, while the recommended dosage is 0.3 mg. If you take one pill that you get from a store, you will overdose the pill and experience severe side effects.

Having too many expectations

Since many people have heard about the incredible wonders of using melatonin, people make the mistake of relying on the pill too much., you need to have some other means to help you fight jet lag. That is because when you depend on the melatonin alone, there are high chances of failing.

Expecting melatonin to work miracles

Although melatonin has helped many people with various sleep disorders, it does not guarantee to be very useful to everyone. Therefore, it is essential not to expect a lot from the supplements. Other people expect the supplement to work miraculously even without following the doctor’s prescriptions.

Final work

Therefore, by avoiding all the mistakes discussed above, you will increase the chances of getting better results when you use the melatonin supplement.