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Compression Garments for Lymphedema and wearing it Right


Several people are there who are suffering from the lymphatic disorder also known as lymphedema. This is a kind of disorder wherein a person’s body the lymphatic fluids gets collected in various parts of the body like legs, arms, knees, joints, ankle, nape, etc. It mostly happens due to the lymphatic system that becomes irregular. Then the result is that lymphatic fluids get collected in various parts of the body. So, in order to control this lymphatic fluid from getting accumulated in the different parts of the body or specific body parts, the doctors suggest the patients use compression garments.

Compression Garments – 

Compression garments are made especially for this purpose only i.e. for lymphedema. There are several benefits of compression garments for lymphedema. One of the major benefits of compression garments is that it stops the harmful effects i.e. the development of lymphatic fluids in one’s body. Apart from that, there is proper circulation of the fluid in the different parts of the body, like an even circulation, instead of getting accumulated in one place. Many reasons are there as to why people face lymphedema. One of the reasons for people facing lymphedema is the cancer of the head and neck.

People with Lymphedema – 

If people are having or had lymphatic cancers or cancers of the lymphatic system then they can also suffer from lymphedema and various kinds of lymphedema. A person who suffers from lymphedema will show several symptoms and one such symptom that the person or patient suffering will show is the inflammation of the affected parts of the body. Next, the patient is also likely to face discomfort. So, these patients are recommended to use compression garments, as the compression garments can help largely in stopping the swelling from the body and giving relief from the pain and swelling or redness in the affected areas.

Benefits of the Compression Garments – 

There are many benefits of using compression garments. But at the same time, it is important for people to know that they should change the compression garments when the garments become loose. They should use the compression garment carefully. It is because if they use too tight or too lose compression garment or a loose compression garment, then due to too much or less pressure, in certain areas of the limb, it can cause the fluid back up to worsen. Therefore, make sure that you change your compression garments every 2-3 months, or at the max 4 months, but not more than that.

When to throw the Compression Garment – 

If you wear a compression garment for 6 months, then there are chances that the elastic can get loose and if there is too much or little pressure, then it can cause the state of lymphedema to worsen. So, taking precautions is a must. The compression garments are made of elastic material and are very tight. You also get compression garments of other materials like cotton, latex, etc. Apart from that, you should wear a compression garment with sleeves very carefully, so that there is no worst case of fluid backup. Always have an experienced person to help you wear the compression sleeves or others.

Wearing Compression Belts Outdoors – 

If you have too much swelling, then it is recommended that you use compression garments even when you are outdoor. If you choose not to wear the compression garment when you are outdoor, then it can worsen your case and there are chances of the swelling to increase. You can also consult with your doctor regarding the same whether to wear a compression garment when outdoors or not. You can also sleep wearing a compression garment at night. It will help the fluid to spread evenly in your body parts.