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Differences Between Photoperiod And Autoflowering Cannabis Strains


The evolution of the cannabis industry is taking place at a very rapid pace. Varieties in the types of seeds available in the market are also increasing with each passing day.  The products like oils, concentrates, edibles, etc., produced from cannabis plants also have an increasing demand in the market. This has happened because of the legalization of handling cannabis and cannabis more products at i49.

Two of the most talked-about types of seeds in the cannabis market are photoperiod cannabis strain seeds and regular autoflowering cannabis strain seeds. The debate about which type of strain is the best to be grown has been on for a long time. To get you a better perspective on which strain is the best, through this blog, we will discuss some of the key elements about the strains. These differences will be helpful in making a decision about the best cannabis strain.

The main difference between the strains is that autoflowering strains do not require light to flower, while photoperiod strains need to be exposed to light for a day or two Regular Autoflower Seeds .

1) Speed Of Growth

Plants growing from autoflowering seeds are ready for harvest within 2 months, whereas it takes nearly 4 months for photoperiod plants to complete their growth cycle. The flowering and other processes of autoflowering strains are much faster compared to those of photoperiod strains.

2) Size Of Plants

Based on the time taken by photoperiod plants, they grow much taller than the autoflowering plants. The maximum height attained by photoperiod plants is about 10 feet, while that of autoflowering plants is 5 feet. Since autoflowering plants are shorter in height, they are convenient for growth.

3) Maintenance

Maintaining autoflowering plants is a lot easier compared to photoperiod plants. Even though the autoflowering plants need regular attention, the procedures involved in their growth are less complicated, unlike photoperiod plants.

4) Potency 

In earlier times, the effectiveness of photoperiod strains was much more than that of autoflowering strains. But, with evolving times, the potency of autoflowering strains is as good as that of photoperiod strains.

5) Harvest And Yield

The harvest and yield from both the plants differ on the fact if the plant is grown in indoor or outdoor conditions. The photoperiod plants yield an average of 400gm per plant, while the average yield of autoflowering plants is up to 300gm.

If we consider such multiple vital elements, we will conclude that plants produced from regular autoflowering seeds are best in some aspects. Similarly, plants from photoperiod seeds have their own specialties. So, it is very challenging to decide on an overall best strain. The above differences will help you select the best strain based on a specific aspect.