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Do your prescriptions qualify for pharmacy delivery?


Pharmacy delivery offers you the benefit of convenience. You never have to worry about traveling, wasting gas, or waiting in line. However, not every prescription you take qualifies for pharmacy delivery, so you may have to continue visiting your regular pharmacy for certain drugs. You’ll also have to determine specifics about your insurance.

Unshippable Medications

If you only have to take a medication for a short amount of time, it’s usually best to go to your pharmacy. You’ll spend less money getting your medications because you don’t have to pay for any kind of express shipping. Plus, you don’t have to worry it won’t make it on time.

With the opiate epidemic being such as concern for public safety, many states limit the shipment of needles. Therefore, depending on the state you live in, you may not be able to obtain your insulin syringes through a mail-order pharmacy.

Certain federally controlled drugs and ones that are toxic can’t be shipped through a pharmacy delivery service.

Medications That Can be Shipped

A pharmacy delivery company can ship a majority of medications through the mail, such as blood pressure medications and diabetes drugs. 

A lengthy list of medications is sensitive to temperature and temperature changes. For instance, temperature changes comprise the effectiveness of epinephrine. If you take any temperature-sensitive medications, you’ll notice a pharmacy delivery company uses special packing, some with ice packs, to regulate the temperature of the medication.

Insurance Information

While your insurance may cover the cost of your prescription, you may find that you’re responsible for the shipping costs. It depends on your specific insurance, though.

A pharmacy delivery service is beneficial to many. However, you have to inquire about some medications because not every drug can be shipped. Therefore, you may still have to go to the pharmacy, even if your enrolled in a delivery service. You’ll also have to figure out insurance specifics.