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Everything You Need to Know about Singapore Massage


Massage can be the oldest and simplest form of medical care. Paintings of Egyptian tombs show people being massaged. Massage has been practiced continuously since ancient times in Eastern cultures. It was one of the main methods of pain relief for Greek and Roman doctors. Julius Caesar is reported to have received a daily massage to treat neuralgia (nerve pain). In the fifth century BC J.-C., the father of Western medicine, Hippocrates wrote in the book The doctor must be experienced in many things “, but certainly rubbing … because rub can bind a joint too loose and loosen a joint that is too rigid.”

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The massage has lost some of its value and prestige with the unsavory image created by the “massage parlors“. This image fades as people understand that massage can relieve disease and contribute to relaxation. The more people learn about the benefits of massage and how it relates to the disease, the more it will become acceptable.

Massage is now used in intensive care units, for children, the elderly, babies in incubator and patients with cancer, AIDS, heart attacks or strokes. Most US hospices offer a form of bodily therapy, often offered in health centers, addiction treatment centers and pain centers.

Types Of Massage

Massage therapists or experts can specialize in more than 80 types of massage, called modalities. Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, acupressure (similar to acupuncture but without needles), sports massage and neuromuscular massage are just some of the many approaches to massage therapy. Most massage therapist specialized in many modalities, which require different techniques. Some use exaggerated features covering the length of one part of the body (such as the leg), while others use fast strokes, similar to those of a percussion, with a hand in section or closed. A massage can last from 2 to 3 hours or from 5 to 10 minutes. Usually, the type of massage administered depends on the needs and physical condition of the client. For example, therapists may use special techniques for older clients that they would not use for athletes, and use approaches for clients with injuries that would not be appropriate for clients seeking relaxation. In addition, some forms of massage are given only to one type of client; for example, prenatal massages and infants are given to pregnant women and new mothers, respectively.

Massage Benefits

Massage therapy involves using touch to manipulate the soft tissues and muscles of the body. It is practiced for a variety of reasons, including the treatment of painful conditions, decompression of tired and overworked muscles, stress reduction, rehabilitation of sports injuries, and general health promotion. Guests are often looking for massages for their medical interest and to relax, and a wide range of massages is on offer.

Massage therapy has many benefits, ranging from increased circulation and immunity to reduced pain caused by illness and injury. Massage therapy releases the hormones “well-being”, allowing the client to relax and unwind. If clients cannot control their stress, it can lead to illness and aggravate existing conditions.

Massage is beneficial for everyone. Premature babies to the elderly. Massage helps children to flourish and develops; helps children with a variety of medical, physical and emotional problems; and helps relieve the pain of people who die.

When the massage is contraindicated

Massage therapy can help just about any health problem, but there are some situations in which massage can worsen the condition (also called contraindications). If the person suffers from fever or infection, the massage will make him feel even worse. In addition, if the person is intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, the massage is not justified for the same reason. If the person has advanced illness, they will need the written permission of their health care provider that the massage will be beneficial and will not worsen the condition. Injuries or recent surgeries (less than four weeks) usually require written authorization from the primary care physician before the therapist can continue.

Laws governing massage

Forty-two states, the District of Columbia and four Canadian provinces have laws governing massage and body care, either by registration, licensure or certificate. In states and provinces where massage therapists are regulated, the therapist must also carry liability insurance, which includes its own set of rules of conduct. States generally require that the massage therapist be a graduate of a massage therapy school with at least 250 to 500 hours of training. Education usually involves learning several modalities: anatomy / physiology, pathology, commerce, ethics and on-the-job training; either through the school clinic or at the student’s hour. Liability insurance protects the therapist in case of injury to the client during the massage or reaction to a product used by the therapist. The laws also regulate certain protocols during massage, such as proper draping and confidentiality of client records.

What massage is and is not

Most states that regulate massage require the massage therapist to drape the client at all times, leaving only the area currently worked. Registered massage therapists are required to adhere to a set of rules of conduct and ethics that must be followed at all times. Failure to follow these rules or those defined by the state may result in disciplinary action against the massage therapist. Massage therapy can be used for relaxation or to relieve stress or mitigate the effects of diseases or injuries on the body. Massage therapy is considered a complementary and alternative medicine and most massage therapists work in collaboration with other health professionals. Massage therapists can work with chiropractors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and physicians of all specialties.

Massage therapists can practice medicine, physiotherapy or chiropractic only if they have already obtained a license in one of these regions. Massage therapists do not diagnose, can only treat and cannot cure the disease. The massage is not of a sexual nature and the genital and anal parts must be draped at all times. If the massage therapist believes that the client is out of his / her field of practice (knowledge), and then he or she should refer it to another, more qualified person.

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