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Get to know more about Dry needling


Therapists use diverse techniques to treat conditions and pains that restrain a patient’s movement. One of these techniques is the widely known, dry needling which uses a firm filament dry needling supplies inserted into the muscle. When you study dry needling you’ll be able to know and understand more about its benefit and lengthen its use in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Dry needling proves useful in the most common tendon, muscle, joint issues, and ligament seen in a physician’s office. As more practitioners embrace this technique, it is necessary to know the basics about dry needling and what conditions can benefit from this therapy.

Understand what Dry Needling is all about

Dry Needling is a proficient technique executed by trained Physical Therapists and Chiropractic Physicians aimed at handling pain and neuromusculoskeletal injuries. While treating movement dysfunction, dry needling uses a thin filiform needle to penetrate the fascia, skin, and muscles to trigger points, and address adhesions, and connective tissue. This eases pain and speeds healing by reducing muscle hypertonicity, enhancing joint range of motion, and improving movement dysfunction by freeing a trigger point adhesion.

Any patient with a movement dysfunction can use dry needling to ease the pain. This includes any muscle where a trigger point can be found, lumbar pain, headaches/ migraines, neck pain, plantar fasciitis, whiplash, and shoulder pain. Once a therapist considers a patient suitable for dry needling, a prescription is acquired and the patient signs a consent form.

Check out the benefits of Dry Needling

This treatment enhances nerve communication and triggers the release of your body’s natural pain relievers.

Boost your recovery

  • Whether you had surgery or suffered an injury, moving your body is the ideal way to speed up your recovery and promote healing. Physical therapy is the main treatment during your recovery, yet adding dry needling to physical therapy improves the process.

Enhance chronic pain conditions

  • Physical therapy and dry needling are among the ideal treatments for a chronic pain condition. Patients who undergo fibromyalgia and consider dry needling usually experience vital improvement in the overall pain.

Recover your range of motion

  • Dry needling combined with a physical therapy program to regain your strength and restore completely your range of motion. Physical therapy also constrains your muscles and this aids to avoid trigger points in the future.

Quick pain relief

  • Most people identify trigger points with knotted muscles in their upper back, neck, and shoulder. Yet, similar problems can occur in any part of your body and may be connected with many conditions.

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