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Good health is vital for the overall performance of our bodies. There are various ways of achieving good health such as gym, running, and engaging in various sports disciplines. Apart from these, most people are turning to best online yoga as a result of its awesome results within a short time. Unlike other physical engagements that focus on the physical body, yoga also improves mental and spiritual being.

Yoga History

Yoga traces its roots to the modern day India where it originated 5000 years ago. It was among the various practices of Hinduism that was adopted globally due to the associated benefits. Yoga training is either offered in physical classes or online. However, you should be careful because not all centers offer quality training.

About Glo

Glo is one of the best online yoga with experienced modern and classical yoga teachers. Glo is home to practices that strengthens your heart, body, and mind. Glo yoga caters for teachers, CEOs, mom-to-be, artists, athletes, dads, students among other individuals from all walks of life.

Glo has a group of online instructors who develop content ranging from minutes to hours. As such, if you have a few minutes available or a whole day, the site has the best online yoga for you no matter the location.

Do not worry if you are a beginner. Glo instructors will take you through the seven chakras step by step. You will also know more about meditation and pilates. On the other hand, glo online yoga is the best for advancing your expertise if you are a teacher.

Glo Practices

Glo has a long list of courses for its subscribers. Below is a brief description of some of them;

The Heart of SmartFLOW II- Annie Carpenter gets you through classical yoga philosophy and modern yoga. This advanced technique improves your focus, mind, and body strength. The course is composed of six chapters.

Yamas and Niyamas- These are the first two Yoga Sutras limbs. Stephanie Snyder trains you the ethical guidelines of understanding the universe better creating harmony with your inner self. The 15 chapters’ course teaches you one yama and niyama at a time incorporating the needed change in body and mind.

Practice You- Elena Brower wants you to understand your true self through yoga, contemplation, meditation and journaling. Practice You enables you to study yourself and listen to your inner self to have better control of your intentions. Each of the six chapters has a lecture with topic material, asana, and meditation.

The Art of Teaching Beginners- Jason Crandell knows teaching beginners is not easy, and thus has provided a clear blueprint for training them comprehensively. As a teacher, you will learn various poses, philosophical ideas, and techniques to introduce first in the 15 chapters course. It also includes a four-week series that you can teach locally.

Yoga of the Heart- Krisna das gives you an opportunity of moving beyond your mat through practical tools and guidance. The course by one of the greatest yoga teachers composes of songs, anecdotes, and call-responses. The eleven chapters practice is for both experts and beginners.

Prime of Life Yoga- Larry Payne believes that fitness level and age should not hinder your yoga training. The engaging lectures, pose modifications, and sequential yoga steps allows you to practice and renew your yoga life. The five chapters’ course revitalizes your body and mind.

These six courses are just some of the practices available at Glo. If you visit the site you will know which suites you at the moment as a beginner or practitioner so that you can learn the best online yoga through meditation, pilates, and several other methodologies.