Redensity II is the first everyone of its kind tear trough filler which has been developed for injection in the tear troughs to combat various signs of ageing like fine lines, dark circles and deep hollows under the eyes. This filler is made by combining hyaluronic acid and a dermo-restructuring complex of vitamins and amino acids, which makes it truly revolutionary. Anyone who has undergone this procedure has loved the results. It is one of the most comfortable ways of fighting the signs of ageing and looking as youthful as you feel on the inside. Here is your guide to tear trough fillers.

Who injects the filler?

When going for any cosmetic procedure it is crucial to get it done by an expert as they will help you to achieve the best possible results out of this procedure. The procedure of injecting a tear trough filler is carried out by the surgeon.

How long does the procedure last?

One of the reasons why it is a popular option is because the filler is injected easily and quickly. The length of the treatment varies from 15 to 45 minutes. Usually, 1 to 3 syringes are used in the under-eye area to achieve the desired results. Once injected, you will see the results instantly.

Is the procedure uncomfortable or painful?

It is very normal to wonder whether the procedure is painful or not, as the filler is injected into the under-eye area which is a thin-skinned delicate area. To make the procedure as least painful as possible, the product comes laced with Lidocaine which is a freezing and numbing agent. This ensures that you feel little to absolutely no discomfort. Once the procedure is over the freezing dissipates very quickly.

What to expect during the downtime?

The recovery period for the filler is quite less. Swelling for the first two days under the eyes is quite common. However, in the coming days, this swelling will decrease, though minor swelling might remain up to 14 days after the procedure which is common. The under-eye area is extremely thin-skinned and sensitive, hence, bruising might occur. It is recommended to avoid any medication or supplements which might cause blood thinning like Vitamin E or ginseng or aspirin for at least 2 weeks to reduce the chances of bruising.

Do the results last forever?

No, the results of the procedure aren’t permanent. They usually last about a year. Most people who are satisfied with the results of the procedure return for the upkeep to maintain the optimal contour, look and shape they have achieved out of the procedure.

Schedule your appointment

Once you have made up your mind about undergoing the procedure, the next and most obvious step is to book your appointment with the surgeon. They will carry out a thorough skin investigation and inform you whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure or not. You can clear all your doubts about the procedure.