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Holistic solution for all your skin problems


It is said that healthy skin is an assertion of the overall wellness of a human being. It is in many ways a reflection of what is going on under the layer. Out of all the organs, the skin is the most prone to diseases. It is the largest organ of the body and any disorder pertaining to it is disturbing. Statistics show that nearly everyone experiences/have experienced some kind of skin problem at some point in their life. Today, we take a look at the kinds of skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne, vitiligo, eczema and the available treatment options.

Eczema: Atopic dermatitis is a condition wherein the patient develops red, inflamed, itchy rashes on his/her skin. Environmental factors such as allergens and irritants are mainly considered as eczema causes.

Acne: A skin condition where the individual gets blackheads/whiteheads due to hair follicles being plugged causing pus-filled bumps.

Vitiligo: A chronic condition in which the patient develops pale white spots on various parts of his/her body due to an overactive immune system.

Psoriasis: Psoriasis is another long-lasting auto-immune disease. Psoriasis symptoms include dry, scaly, red or purple patches on the body. It may start with small, localized patches but soon may spread all over.

Now let us look at how to go about treating these conditions.

Conventional treatment methods

Medications include creams and ointments that can be applied to the affected areas. Depending on the condition they aim to reduce inflammation, restore the skin colour, reduce dryness/itchiness, and works toward soothing your skin. There may be possible side-effects such as skin thinning and stretch marks. Other options include taking medications which are solely aimed at pacifying the immune system in case of auto-immune diseases. Although there are no prominent side-effects, experts have suggested there could possibly be a link between these drugs and skin cancer. Nothing is conclusively proven though. People always look for alternatives that present no side-effects. Fret not, here comes homeopathy.

Role of homeopathy in treating all skin disorders

The best approach toward treating skin diseases is homeopathy. It is scientifically proven that many skin conditions are associated with many other factors such as trauma, stress, loneliness, social disruption, family and work pressure, allergens and irritants in many forms, just to name a few. For example, homeopathic medicine for vitiligo could vary from person to person. Homeopathy treats every condition by analysing it from an immunological, pathological and hormonal perspective. Homeopaths aim at combining these aspects and aligning the symptoms with each other and designing a custom-made medication for a particular individual.

Skin diseases can also be accompanied by other medical conditions. For example, thyroid disorders may turn into some sort of skin disorder or psoriasis arthritis where the skin condition is developed, followed by arthritis. By scrutinising it on all fronts, the underlying root cause is determined. Getting rid of the root cause is imperative in order to gain long-term relief.

Bottom line

Healthy skin is everybody’s fantasy. To attain it is challenging, to maintain it is downright difficult. With homeopathy you can tackle any sort of skin condition and live a salubrious lifestyle.