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Important Exercises One Should Know About the Tennis Elbow Rehab


Exercises can be very effective in treating many joints problems. This post will help you with some of the common exercises to treat tennis elbow. The stress on the elbow joints can cause Tennis elbow. This causes severe pain and lack of mobility due to which physical fitness is affected. If there is severe pain then you should definitely visit a medical professional to get this treated and reduce pain.

A professional physical therapist can help you to recover from tennis elbow. These days, you can easily find a professional physiotherapist online. If you are in Delta and you are looking to get physiotherapy then you must go online and look for top-rated physio Delta. You can read reviews about the therapist to get an idea about the services provided by him/her. This post will help you to know about some common moves to recover.

Things to Know

  • A fist clench can help you in treating the tennis elbow as it builds up the strength and creates a grip. The exercise is very simple as you simply need a towel and a flat surface like table. You have to take a folded table and squeeze the towel and hold for some seconds. You have to repeat the same.
  • Towel twist is the move that can reduce your pain to a minimum due to tennis elbow. You need a hand towel to perform this exercise. You have to hold the towel in both hands and twist your hands in the opposite direction just like squeezing the water from the wet towel. This will support your wrist extensors.
  • You can perform the exercises using a dumbbell. You have to keep your arm still and wrist will be in movement.

These are some common exercises that you can perform during tennis elbow.