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Infertility and sleep problems are related


Pregnancy is a true mystery, a miracle of nature, a process that is not always subject to science. The ability or inability to conceive, bear and give birth is often related to the health of the couple, but sometimes even doctors cannot find the cause of infertility. Psychology, physiology, and the relationship between spouses are all involved. Today let’s talk about infertility and insomnia, because even these processes have a relationship.

Statistically, couples who haven’t become pregnant for a long period of time have trouble sleeping. Insomnia or restless sleep accompanied them for a long period. The result is fatigue, lack of balance, and further exacerbate the problem. What causes these problems?

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All problems are in the head

We are not talking now about medical indicators of infertility, of which there are indeed many. It can be both female and male factors of infertility. We are talking about the mental connection to the physiological condition. After all, sometimes a perfectly healthy woman cannot get pregnant. This does not mean that this process happens consciously. Somewhere at an unconscious level there is a problem.

Often the reason for not being able to get pregnant is a misunderstanding between partners, problems in the relationship. A partner who has any problems with fertility feels uncomfortable enough in a relationship. He winds himself up, considers himself guilty of the situation, closes up and experiences a complex set of feelings. This includes resentment, anxiety, guilt, anger, and aggression. All this negatively affects self-esteem and the relationship between partners in general.

Testing the strength of a relationship

Every new day for an infertile couple is a real test of love and relationship strength. After all, every day on the street is a reminder that they cannot have children. And the constant questions of relatives, well, when the birth is already completed, just pisses them off. Both man and woman feel helpless in this situation.

It is especially difficult when the reason for not getting pregnant is not known. That is why specialists recommend visiting a clinic where, after a thorough examination, they can direct the way to solve the problem. A variety of reproductive technologies can help cope with even the most complex cases of infertility, or perhaps the problem is in some small thing. You won’t know until you contact the specialists.

Infertility and sleep problems

Considering all of the above, it is absolutely not surprising that when a person is diagnosed with infertility, insomnia occurs. These processes in the body are really connected. The cause of insomnia can be strong feelings and stress, and the inability to have a child is the same stress for the couple. Constant thoughts about it lead to the fact that it is simply impossible to sleep at night. Such a situation exacerbates the condition and is certainly not conducive to treatment.

What can spouses do to overcome insomnia and other problems that came into their lives along with the terrible diagnosis? Of course, support each other. A good and caring attitude toward each other, understanding and support is the key to success in any area, including pregnancy. Folk remedies can also help you fight insomnia. Distract yourself from the problem, go for more walks in the fresh air, remove from your “evening diet” gadgets and watching TV.