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Introduce An Effective Anti-Smoking Laws For Minimizing The Tobacco Consumption


Consumption of tobacco levels is increased greatly and smokers will not ready to consider the Anti-smoking laws in India. The toxic substances engaged in tobacco can affects numerous amounts of smokers and some of them had died. The smokers have not been aware about the laws passed by the government against tobacco consumption. Even though the cigarette prices are raised to the maximum level, the smokers are not ready to stop it.

And this is a great opportunity for the tobacco companies, they planned to make more money on selling high priced cigarettes. People have to give more importance to nicotine patch and how to use nicotine patch it for getting rid off from the addiction. Let see some more explanation about anti-smoking laws.

Need To Establish The Effective Anti-Smoking Laws 

Lack of proper anti-smoking laws is one of the major reasons for increasing the tobacco consumption level in India. Implementation of laws and regulations should show the awareness of tobacco and cigarette smoking, which will produce harmful health effects. According to the report, wide ranges of middle school and college students also greatly addicted to tobacco. Instead of taking more time, the government needs to take immediate action against cigarette smoking. At the same time, people also try to understand the negative impacts included in tobacco.

Major Tobacco Consumers In India 

Even though there are, incredible amounts of legislation have circulated around the society will remains change anything regarding tobacco consumption. When compared with other countries, India plays a major role in cigarette smoking as well as the production of tobacco products. Due to the high consumption of those tobacco products will take you to meet serious health disorders.

One of the significant reasons for these issues is the lack of anti-smoking legislation. At the same time, people also not ready to understand the seriousness included in tobacco consumption. Only a few of the smokers have turned to know the importance of emphasise on nicotine patch to quit smoking.

Legislation Against Cigarette Smoking 

The tobacco products in India can be gradually increased than the other countries, which is relatively ineffective. The Cigarettes Act has established in the year 1975, the first approved anti-tobacco legislation for warning the cigarette packets. A wide range of smoking advertisements also published in the TV news, ads, etc for creating more awareness among the public. However, those kinds of things have not created any changes in society.


Impacts Of Tobacco Consumption  

Nowadays, tobacco products can affect numerous amounts of people especially youngsters and middle school students. Some peoples are greatly addicted to cigarette smoking because of the lack of knowledge and awareness. If tobacco consumption is continued for a long period of time, then you have to face serious health impacts such as cancer. The level of tobacco consumption can be minimized by promoting the importance of nicotine patch and how to use it.

The government has to pass the effective anti-smoking laws for minimizing the tobacco consumption and production of tobacco products. Try to spread more awareness regarding the health risk of tobacco and make the people to live happily.