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Know the easy steps of Cancer Cure


Some treatments and therapies can be used to cure cancer, but the choice of treatment depends on the location and size of the tumour as well as the stage of the disease. The general state of the patient must also be taken into consideration. Generally, the ideal goal of the treatment is to cure cancer without any damage to the body. But these treatments or therapies harm in one way or the other and leave some side-effects. But many other cancer treatments haven’t been infamous, are comfortable and go no side effect in curing cancer. 

Following are some of them- 

(i) Gearson Therapy

This therapy targets the most critical metabolic requirements of one’s body. It can be broken down into The Gearson Diet, Juicing and Detoxification that form the complete treatment. The diet consists of all organic fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, and low in fats, proteins and sodium. Juicing advises intake 13 glasses of freshly prepared juice, every day because that helps the most as a cancer cure. Detoxification uses Coffee to keep the body free from toxins.

(ii) The Budwig Protocol

Dr Johanna Budwig researched and found out that many conventional processed fats and hydrogenated oils destroy the membranes of our cells that may cause cancer. So she made a recipe under her this protocol to replace the harmful processed fat with life-giving saturated fatty acids that would help one’s body cells to rejuvenate and would act as a cancer cure. 

For the Budwig’s recipe, one has to take 6 ounces cultured dairy; 4 tablespoons sprouted and ground flax, one tablespoon flaxseed oil, one teaspoon turmeric powder and ¼ teaspoon black pepper. All these ingredients must be mixed and consumed once daily.

(iii) Baking Soda – The best cancer cure

The best way to eliminate one’s tumour is to make it come in contact with the baking soda by direct application or with a local perfusion. Other than that, the consumption of baking soda has been found to raise the pH of the cancer tumours and reduce the rate of formation of lymph nodes and thus acting as a cancer cure. Due to the essential characteristic of baking soda and its pH of around 9.0, makes it useful to counteract acidity that might accumulate in one’s body. Baking soda does not just cure cancer but is also developed as a part of a technique used in the U.K. to identify cancer cell growth. 

(iv) Sunshine and Vitamin D3

Science has always claimed that high levels of healthy and fat-soluble vitamins help one’s body to prevent cancer and recently, it has been discovered that vitamin D3 plays a vital role in cancer cure. In a study published in the American Journal of clinical nutrition, the results have shown that Vitamin D3 has helped to decrease the risk of developing all types of cancers by 77%. And the most significant source to optimize vitamin D3 is through 20 minutes of sun exposure every day. 

(v) Turmeric and Curcumin

The use of curcumin spice as a cancer cure is one of the most researched subjects in this domain. In many tests, experiments and studies, it has been found that curcumin has anticancer effects, fights cancer and prevents the cancer cells from growing. It is found to be the most effective against breast cancer, bowel cancer, stomach cancer and skin cancer. It also blocks the formation of cancer-causing enzymes in rodents. On the other hand, many types of research have shown that general turmeric also works efficiently well to help and stop cancer growth, especially breast cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer.

(vi) Cancer-Fighting food

There are many foodstuffs around us that we do not realize but help us to prevent or fight cancer. This includes leafy green vegetables as they contain antibacterial and antiviral properties and also help to reprogram cancer cells to die off; berries that are high antioxidant foods and rich in proanthocyanidin; citrus fruits; fresh herbs and spices; organic meats; nuts and seeds and traditional teas containing a high amount of EGCG.

(vii) Vitamin C chelation

This therapy is generally used to remove toxic metals from one’s body. As of now, only holistic doctors use this chelation therapy as a cancer cure because it is yet to be officially approved; however, it is the most commonly used method to remove calcium deposits from the arteries. Vitamin C has been found as a rich pro-oxidant that is responsible for the destruction of tumour cells. It also induces endogenous antioxidant systems in the healthy working tissues to protect against carcinogenic problems. 

Unlike earlier days, cancer is all around us capturing all of us in its cobweb, and we are entirely dependent on the therapies and treatments that our oncologists suggest which might be harmful or leave other side effects on our body for a lifetime. These methods haven’t been infamous, but are practical and easy for cancer cure. One must adopt them today only to make the world cancer-free. In case your near and dear ones are facing cancer, you can contact the best cancer hospital in Noida. Or else, get in touch with Dr. Vikas Goswami and witness significant results.