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Most Common Issues Between Married Couples


Marriage takes a lot more than time and money for it to work and last. Both partners in a marriage should be invested to keep the relationship harmonious while living under the same roof.

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It is important to understand the possible roots of arguments in a relationship to become fully aware of how to avoid it and fix future disagreements between husband and wife. Here are some of the causes of quarrels for married couples.

  1. Possessiveness Over One’s Partner

Being possessive is not entirely a bad attribute — some partners like it when their spouse is possessive about them because they feel loved and cared for. However, too much of anything is bad. Too much possessiveness over one’s partner can make the other feel suffocated and caged. This can lead to issues regarding trust.

A relationship is a built-in trust. This means, although a couple is married, they should still have their personal space and room to grow and nurture themselves. Also, you should make your partner feel that you are trustworthy and loyal to them to be at ease.

  1. Financial Problems

Money management is the most common issue faced by couples. This is because couples don’t often agree on how money should be spent or saved. Differences in core values and views on money often lead to misunderstandings and disagreements between couples. One might be a big spender on unnecessary items while the other might be keen on saving. Another reason between arguments can be financial instability when only one between the couple provides money for the family. Due to the big responsibility of providing and the dependency of the other, issues may arise.

Communication and understanding are big factors in resolving how money should be handled between married couples, especially when there are also children involved. You can always ask for expert marriage Counselling Bella Vista by Colleen Hurll if your marriage is going downhill because of constant fighting and lack of agreement.

  1. Too Busy At Work

When one or both people have demanding jobs or busy schedules, focusing your attention on your partner and even your family can be very hard and even impossible at times. For instance, if a husband goes to work early and arrives late at night to go straight to bed, then the wife will feel completely ignored and unwanted. Just like plants, marriage needs love and nurturing for it to grow. Try to find time for each other and communicate as often as possible to avoid petty fights that may lead to serious problems in the future.


  1. Handling The Child

A child is the fruit of a couple’s love for each other. However, raising a child can also be a challenging task for married couples due to different childhood backgrounds and beliefs when growing up. One parent might be more strict than the other. In such cases, fights are dreadfully natural and inevitable. Another issue or problem could arise when making decisions about the child and on whose judgments shall prevail. It’s better when both parents set limits and boundaries for their children that they would both agree on.

  1. Dealing With In-Laws

Dealing with in-laws or extended family members can also be another difficulty in a married couple. But having these issues doesn’t automatically mean that the relationship is unhealthy, and it shouldn’t cause a deep source of misunderstanding. Every family has a different way of maintaining the household with their culture and beliefs. Set boundaries that you and your partner can agree with and always remember to treat them with respect.

  1. Sexual Disagreement

Intimacy is a way of showing your love for each other. However, many circumstances may lead to disagreements in sexual matters. For instance, if a partner is not feeling well, but the other insists despite knowing this, then a fight might eventually occur. If something does not work for you or is causing you discomfort, you should always openly communicate with your partner. Also, be kind and considerate when it comes to expressing your sentiments. It is good to speak out but avoid taking discussions into the bedroom to refrain from creating an association between your bed and conflict.

Final Word

Every couple experiences disagreements in their married life, but if it is handled with care, respect, love,and understanding, couples can resolve their differences in a positive way and learn more about each other.