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Myths about CBD oil 


You might be one of the millions of people who fear the use of cannabis for medical purposes. Well, no one could blame you for why you reject using cannabis as an alternative to medicine. Marijuana is known to have a psychoactive effect on the brain, which makes people “high” every time they take the product. 

However, what most people do not know is that cannabis gets you high because of its THC content. Marijuana use has been around for a thousand years until the usage of the plant was banned in the 1970s. Because of the prohibition of the product, breeders made the THC content as high as 80%. 

What most people do not know is that THC is not the only content in cannabis. CBD is also proven to ease the effects of various conditions. The only difference between CBD and THC is CBD has no psychoactive effect. This means that you can extract the cannabis plant and get the same treatment for what you are experiencing. 

CBD is extracted from cannabis or hemp plants and diluted with coconut or other types of oil. Because of the versatility of the plant, cannabis could take in the form of tablets, capsules, and sprays. Today, the usage of CBD and marijuana for medical purposes is legalized in the United Kingdom and the United States but with restrictions. 

Because of false information and lack of knowledge regarding the use of CBD, rumors are surrounding the usage of the plant. If you wish to be informed, you can read this Love CBD infographic.