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Orthopaedic Doctor In Singapore – Joint Health Care


There are no hidden secrets to achieving joint health. Every orthopaedic doctor and foot and ankle specialist in Singapore knows that years of abuse and bad habits lead to the decline of your joints. Whether you’re a young athlete or a retired senior, anyone can experience conditions and diseases that can impact your joints. Ray of Health offers an unparalleled quality of orthopaedic treatment in Singapore. Explore the many options and explore your way to recovery!

Joint Health – It Matters For All Ages

Joint health awareness is vital for the preservation of your body’s joints to make them functional and prevent serious injuries and illnesses. As part of your body’s preventive maintenance to regulate optimal performance, resiliency and efficiency of your system, visiting an orthopaedic doctor in Singapore is the first step in the process.

From joint pain to joint arthrosis, experiencing injuries and illnesses that can affect your joint can also impact your mobility. Joint health is more than just for athletes and practitioners of sports medicine. Cartilage is a vital structure of your joints. Cartilages that are healthy can help bones glide to another bone, preventing them from rubbing each other without the joint becoming too rigid. Without this, we could not perform the simplest movement tasks, such as walking, running and jumping. 

Juvenile arthritis is an example of arthritis that affects the joints. Juvenile arthritis occurs in children, and individuals at a young age are not immune to developing other types of arthritis that are common among adults. While they are not required for serious treatment (unless the symptom is severe) from an orthopaedic or ankle specialist in Singapore, it can hinder their movements. It can also progress or be an indicator of an underlying condition.

Simple Ways In Having Healthier Joints


As mentioned earlier, there are no hidden secrets to achieving optimal joint health. Here are a few healthy habits to consider for your joints:

Maintain a healthy weight

Heavy and obese weight can be an enormous detrimental factor to your overall health. Being obese or overweight can bear down your joints due to the pressure, especially in the lower limb or knee area. Hence many often look for a foot and ankle specialist for treatment. Thus losing and maintaining a balanced weight can also help your joints.

Learn how to eat right

Practising a healthy diet, especially anti-inflammatory foods, such as whole grains, root vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids, are beneficial for better joint health. Making a healthy and conscious decision about what you eat is also the first step to maintaining your joint health. However, any diet can be extreme, which can cause imbalance. Thus keep your calories and fat consumption on track. Avoid food with high sugar content and processed ones. 

Exercise regularly

Exercising can be a common advice every orthopaedic doctor can give their patients. One can find numerous exercises and workouts you can perform to strengthen your joints, from low-impact to prescribed therapy movements from a physio specialist. Regardless of what you choose, incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

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