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Pleasanton CrossFit – Why It Is Worth A Try


Being on our best physical shape is one of the common hard things to achieve and harder to maintain but for the fitness enthusiasts, it is a fun and gratifying journey. There are those who opt for jogging, swimming, outdoor biking, or other fun exercises but others with a more serious aim not just to lose weight but also to gain muscle mass and a toned body resort to more advanced workout routines like the members of Pleasanton CrossFit community in California.

Pleasanton CrossFit – Why It Is Worth A Try

CrossFit is basically a workout program which consists of complex, high-intensity exercise routines that have to be carried out continuously with minimal breaks in between repetitions. It is a type of conditioning and strength exercise that would need the CrossFitter to resist his own body weight to produce energy throughout.

CrossFitboasts of the benefits that can be gained through high-intensity interval training or HIIT. In other words, amazingly, CrossFit programs do not have definite number of hours or sets of cardio workouts required per session; some can be done in as short as 15 minutes without the need for any additional accessories or equipment and yet the results can be noticeable in just a matter of days.

Discovered in the early 2000s as a straightforward workout plan designed for firefighters, policemen, and army, CrossFit is now considered one of the best cardio programs ever invented and has continued to storm the world of the fit mainly because of the following reasons:

  1. It is a highly effective workout that can keep CrossFitters in top form and build their muscle mass in a short span of time.
  2. It promotes better recovery.
  3. CrossFit communities worldwide, including Pleasanton CrossFit, are stronger and more bonded than regular gym communities where members would only focus on themselves. In CrossFit, people are actively inspiring and pushing each other to their limit in carrying out high intensifty routines.
  4. CrossFit’s nature is both challenging and fun!

These and all other great things about CrossFit contributed to the growth of the number of CrossFit-certified trainers, CrossFit gyms or also known as “the box”, and programs worldwide.

Risks Pleasanton CrossFit Community May Face

Since Pleasanton CrossFit is stuffed with high intensity exercises, many health care specialists all over the world have been vocal about the risks that CrossFitters may face while executing HIIT. This includes the prevalent ailments and injuries CrossFit may cause. Nonetheless, these likelihood can always be tamed, if not avoided. All CrossFitters have to do is maintain their focus and be fully attentive in following the precautions and preventive measures required to prevent the occurrence of injuries.

Common Pleasanton CrossFit workout injuries are listed below:

  1. Lower Back Pain and Strain

Because a lot of CrossFit routines involve jumping, squatting, and sometimes doing both with added weight, lower back pain is usually incurred. The likelihood of acquiring an injury in the lumbar area is high and such a kind of injury can necessitate a pause in CrossFitand other exhausting workouts for months long. Although these injuries and back pains may happen when there is too much weight lifting which puts equally much pressure on the back, CrossFit trainers believe that such incidents are only a consequence of wrong CrossFit workout execution and more often than not, the newbies are the ones susceptible to such risks.

There are also times where the back pain can persist or aggravate even after over-the-counter drug intake like pain relievers. In such a pressing case, seeking a doctor’s opinion will become necessary. And this is why warm-up routines and stretching exercises are an important part ofCrossFit.

  1. Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries can get so severe than they appear to be. For instance, where there is a torn labrum, an undergo surgery may be required. Besides this, an extensive rehabilitation may also deem necessary. Tendonitis and other shoulder injuries can also cause a weigh down especially when trying to carry out an overhead lift using a heavy pounder weight.

As CrossFit workout looks so thrilling to the eyes of the newbies and those who want to build bigger muscles, ensuring that the muscles are properly warmed up and loose is vital. Thoracic mobility sessions and stretching exercises are usually present in Pleasanton CrossFit programs to set and protect the shoulders of theCrossFit trainees.

  1. Knee Injury

As earlier mentioned, a huge percentage of CrossFit workouts more often than not require constant (and a lot of) jumping and squatting. This and some other drills can put a lot of weight on the knees especially when continuous pressure is exerted on the knees during long-interval high intensity routines. All these can actually cause stress on the knees which may lead to severe soreness. As this is the case, CrossFit trainees are advised to be mindful and keen whenever symptoms of knee problems arise, e.g. when knees roll in during lunging or squatting. Patellofemoral joint dysfunction is just one of the worst potential knee problems that can form when such symptoms are neglected.

Like your shoulders, your knees also need serious attention. CrossFit experts suggest trainees to do some glute strengthening as the glutes can act as a vital support in keeping the pelvis aligned and knees firm.

Besides knee, shoulder, and lower back pain injuries, there are also other minor injuries that can be acquired by doing CrossFit. In other words, although CrossFit is beneficial and highly effective, there is an equivalent serious responsibility CrossFit trainers must take while CrossFitting. Prevention must be the topmost priority which is possible if trainees listen to their body, enhance flexibility, have breaks, and get enough sleep. However, when injuries happen, CrossFit trainers have to also find the best possible means to treat and cure them.

In the long run, to prevent injuries that are CrossFit related as a means of taking care of the body during workouts allow trainees to keep that sense of security and confidence. Potential injuries are better prevented than treated but as injuries are at times inevitable, enough rest and treatment are vital before getting back to the CrossFit game.