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Reiki Therapy: How Can You Do It Yourself?


Reiki therapy originates from Japan. A Monk known as Mikao discovered a human’s ability to have contact with inaudible and unseen energies. The purpose of this ritual is to eliminate mental imperfections and improve physical abilities. 

A few years ago, this ritual was believed to be astonishing; thus, it couldn’t make its place in so many societies. 

However, recently this practice has been rising in applications. Numerous people attempt to conduct Reiki at home without additional guidance, while some promise to learn basics through online Reiki classes to avoid geo-specific sessions.

Four Proven Practices to Do Reiki at Home

There are a few practices to conduct effective Reiki therapy at home. These practices come by authentic experts to assist concerned people with easy access to its glorious benefits.

  • Appropriate posture

It begins with settling yourself in a posture that would release your muscle tension and joint weight. It is important for your body to relieve a significant weight by sitting in a few positions, such as cross-legged with support. 

Finding a relaxing posture might take a while of experimentation, but when you get it, you must keep that posture for the beginning of your self-hosted reiki session.

  • Silent your emotions

It would help if you remembered the purpose of Reiki, which is to improve your mental and emotional intelligence. Your intentions should be clear to have good results. 

Secondly, loud emotions in your brain and heart should be washed off. This will help you to stay attentive to your aim and increase your focus.

  • Exhaling awareness through breath

It is necessary to switch on your sub-conscious mind to some extent, and the sub-conscious mind works with unawareness. 

To do this, put all your focus on your breath and lose body stiffness. 

Then move on to start breathing calmly and focus on the sound and intensity of your breath. It should be done with an empty mind until you hear your heartbeat.

This is done to center your attention at the moment and to regulate blood circulation and relaxation in the nerves through breath.

  • The six promises

While taking breaths, you will take six oaths for your and others’ well-being. These oaths help you to understand the vitality of life. The oaths are as follows:

  • Today is my tomorrow
  • Anger is not the choice
  • Being worried doesn’t help
  • Being grateful is the code of life
  • Practicing for goals is a part of life
  • Self-compassion is my friend

Repeat this in your mind clearly and soundly so that not just you can hear it, but the message reaches your entire body.

Pro tip: Some practitioners have suggested people who aren’t taking help from online reiki classes do this while keeping their hands in a praying position. Then further imagine your spiritual leader. 

Then, repeat these oaths to your imaginary leader, welcome his energetic presence in your life, and seek support. This helps to build faith and share spiritual support for better results at home.


To some people, Reiki is a mode of life. Any other practice couldn’t disguise the change in a person’s life. 

There are numerous choices to deal with mental stigmas, such as medicines, exercises, and psychotherapy. But Reiki is believed to perform better. However, reiki practitioners believe people welcome such issues by being disconnected from themselves. And that it is due to a weak spiritual connection with the universe. So, Reiki has been formed to rebuild spiritual contact and self-sufficiency.