SmartBlend portable blender is well worth that suits you


    It’s no surprise that with the way technology has advance, so has our ability to make life easier. A few years ago, the thought of a portable blender was non-existent, and only conventional blenders were considered. Thankfully, those days have long gone and we are now able to impress even more with a portable blender. Having picked one of these up myself, it is fair to say that life has been made a great deal easier. Gone are the days of attempting to eat 3 or 4 pieces of fruit, then on top of that, get the vegetables in. With a SmartBlend portable blender, I can now add all ingredients into the borosilicate glass, tighten the lid, and blend for 45 seconds to get a smooth taste. It really has been a game changer for me. 

    SmartBlend is an Australian based portable blender provider focusing solely on blenders. Their design is unbelievably eye catching. While looks aren’t everything, it does help to have a design that will impress. If you’re going to be seen in public with your blender, you sure don’t want to pull something big and bulky out of your bag. With five beautiful colours to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that suits you. 

    One thing that SmartBlend do offer is peace of mind. Companies today need to offer consumers something extra if they are to buy their product, and this is where SmartBlend really pick up. Not only do they offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, they also offer a 12 month warranty on the blender, which not many portable blender companies offer. That means, if you have a problem with your blender in this time, they are willing to exchange this at no additional cost to ensure your satisfaction. The 30 Day money-back guarantee ensures that if you change your mind after purchasing, you are entitled to a refund, no questions asked. Of course, this means you would be required to return the blender to receive a refund. 

    Another key feature in the modern day portable blender is the ability to crush ice. This is an important factor and one which many people who buy a portable blender are asking. Thankfully, SmartBlend lives up to this expectation and the ice crushing functionality is brilliant. There is even a separate functionality for this, whereby you double tap the ON button to start the ice crushing mode. The results are fantastic. 

    One of the main benefits of using a portable blender is the fact that it can be used wherever you want. As you are not confined to a mains plug to use the blender, you can literally use it wherever you want. That means, whether you are in the office, at the gym, or even travelling the world, SmartBlend gives you the opportunity to get those healthy calories in no matter what. It’s safe to say that you won’t have any issues getting those 5 a-day fruit and vegetables in. 

    SmartBlend itself now offers a even bigger capacity. Previously, it was 380ml, but the new design now means you can get up to 450ml of ingredients. This is certainly much better for those wanting a bigger juice or smoothie. The 2500mAh battery gives more power along with the 16500RPM, ensuring that the blending of ingredients leaves very little, to no bits remaining and a smoother taste. With each full charge, you are able to get between 15-20 cups, however, for optimum performance, it is advised to charge frequently to ensure power levels remain high. Instead of being made of plastic, SmartBlend now has a borosilicate glass jug, with the benefits being it can withstand hot temperatures as well as low (freezing) temperatures. This gives you the opportunity to get more from your blender. And as mentioned previously, the ice crushing functionality allows you to crush ice into tiny pieces for an even colder beverage. 

    Using SmartBlend could not be easier. Simply cut your ingredients into small pieces (for best results), add to the blender along with your liquid of chose and tighten the lid. Once you are ready to blend, all you need to do is hold the ON button for two seconds to start blending. After 45 seconds the blender will turn off and you are ready to go. You can either choose to drink from the blender itself, or pour the contents into a glass. If choosing to drink from the blender, please ensure care is taken not to turn the blender on, as this could cause a bit of mess!!

    We all love convenience, and that’s why cleaning your portable blender has been made easy. Once you have finished drinking the contents, add water and a small amount of washing liquid, again, ensure the lid is tightened, then start the blender as you would normally. To clean, you don’t need to activate for 45 seconds in most cases, usually just a few seconds will do to clear any remaining ingredients from the glass. Turn off, and pour the liquid out. You may need to repeat the process again for tougher ingredients. Once complete, turn the blender upside down to dry, ensuring care is taken not to get the base wet. This can have consequences if too much water gets into the base. Make sure you do not place the blender in the dishwater as this will cause malfunctions. 

    Lastly, being a portable blender, it must be said that you are able to charge this is many places. Although the blender doesn’t come with a mains charger, it does come with a UBS cable which can be used on existing adapters you may already have, such as mobile phone chargers and computer chargers. It can even be used in car ports and with power banks. 

    In conclusion, the SmartBlend portable blender is well worth the purchase. At the current price of $73.99, it’s a bit of a steal. It has the ability to save time, and allow you the opportunity to get your healthy calories in. It’s extremely efficient and effective at it’s job. If you’re ready to get yours today, head over to to purchase yours. You won’t be disappointed.