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The Unexpected Benefits of a Tummy Tuck


Tummy Tuck in Las Vegas is a very trending plastic surgery procedure usually opted post-pregnancy. Post-pregnancy the abdominal area becomes saggy and weak. This can also happen due to a severe weight loss and people look for plastic surgery.

Medically it’s called Abdominoplasty or “Mommy Makeover” as women are eager to get back to a normal figure post-pregnancy.

Here are some Benefits of Tummy Tuck:

Easier to maintain weight 

People who have had tummy tuck procedures are seen to have maintained weight more effectively. People who have been through bariatric surgery and tummy tuck both have gained a pound compared to bariatric surgery patients who have gained 4 pounds in a year because they haven’t gone through body contouring.

Improved posture

Due to the weak and saggy abdominal area, the body shape is not the same anymore. People can develop something called a Sway Back and this is also accompanied with back pain. Advantage of a tummy tuck is that it improves your posture and gives your spine some strength as well. Your posture also improves and you can stand a bit straighter and taller. Back pain also reduces substantially. These advantages of tummy tuck make it a more likeable option.

No More Stress Urinary Incontinence

Women post pregnancy sometimes develop a stress urinary incontinence where the bladder tends to empty itself during any stress or awkward times. While you are undergoing a tummy tuck this issue can be resolved by obstructing the bladder with a soft tissue. This medical benefit of tummy tuck helps in overcoming the urinary incontinence among women.

Relief from Ventral Hernias

Saggy and weak abdominal tissues can lead to Ventral Hernias in some patients. Ventral Hernia is a situation where the intestines start pushing to the abdominal walls. A plastic surgery expert can combine the tummy tuck and procedure to avoid the Ventral Hernia. These procedures are safe and can help people save a lot of later complications and future treatment.

There are numerous medical benefits of tummy tuck and that motivates men and women to opt for this cosmetic surgery.