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The Use of Supplements in Every Level


No. You don’t need to take steroids to be healthy. A varied diet with a calorific value close to our daily energy needs in most cases covers the need for vitamins and minerals. It is naive to think that in the form of a few (or horror: a dozen) Pills of unknown origin, we buy health. The iherb Danmark promo code will offer you the chance to get the best supplement pills also in the best price.

  • That we do not have to exercise at all, because the lack of obesity will take care of us tea. 
  • That we do not have to go to a physiotherapist, because after all, gel for tourists and athletes causes triggers points to break down by themselves. 
  • That senselessness is prevention or testing when we feel pain, since pills easily mask it. 
  • It doesn’t matter what we eat or how we wash our hair, because we can buy ourselves lush curls in a capsule.

Seriously?We don’t think it was supposed to be this way

According to the definition contained in the Act on health and nutrition conditions, supplements are to supplement the normal diet. We can cut off discussions about what a “normal” diet is for whom, so let’s focus on supplementation. Supplements as intended are simply a concentrated source of specific ingredients that can be used to enrich your daily diet.

This is the only right approach to supplementation. Dietary supplements are not necessary to meet the need for vitamins.

Dietary supplements are not needed to lose weight, dietary supplements do not solve our problems for us. To some extent, the active substances they contain do so, but one condition must be met: in fact, we must miss them.

Our body needs specific amounts of individual components for proper functioning. Not all of them need to be delivered every day, the scale effect and the general presence of sources of a given ingredient in the diet is very important. Contrary to what you might think, seeing the pharmacy shelves bent under the weight of supplements, more is not better at all.


The demand for individual ingredients varies depending on age, sex, health, weight and even where you live (e.g. due to the saturation of the soil in which vegetables grow, minerals). Another multivitamin preparation will not always carry them for us. Usually its use will not be needed for this. With the 10% code iHerb Thailand you can have the best choices now.

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All photos from today’s article and products visible on them come from a visit to GALa family-owned English pharmaceutical company with over 25 years of experience. The company not only has its headquartersit is distinguished by 100% English capital and high care that as much raw materials as possible come from English crops from English farmers and entrepreneurs. I learned about it during the July meeting and talks with the company’s founders. The entire crew seemed to be very involved in what they were doing.