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Three Tips That Will Help You Quit Alcohol And Substance Abuse


Alcohol and substance abuse is a very serious issue. It is a chronic addiction that people develop with their regular and heavy usage of it. It is extremely harmful to health and can cause some very serious damage to the person if they don’t stop consuming it. 

Change comes gradually, it just doesn’t transform an addict into a sober in one night. Although some rehabs and institutions help people whose addiction has taken a turn for the worse, there are still some methods and tips for those who are not so far down that road. 

1. Prepare for change and set goals – 

To stop something as serious as this, needs to come from within. No matter how much relatives and family shout, the understanding and the weight of the situation need to come from within. A proper understanding that change will occur if the decision is made should be known by the person. A very known method to stop people from consuming excess alcohol or drugs is known to be setting goals. By setting goals you not only get a clearer path in your life but also the consumption lessens when you understand the gravity of the situation. 

2. Company – 

If the company of the consumer also actively consumes substances and alcohol then they should immediately step away. Company makes a better part of who we are and how we act, so if you fall into bad company, there are going to be unpleasant consequences to it. Therefore if the company of the consumer is bad, then instead of explaining the gravity of the situation to them and trying to make them understand, it is better to simply step away. 

3. Healthy coping mechanisms – 

The consumption of alcohol and substance abuse starts as a coping mechanism for many. Therefore to get out of this vicious circle, one has to find healthier coping mechanismsfor themselves that might not put their health at risk. 

The above were the 3 tips to quit alcohol and substance abuse. 

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