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Time To Switch To Preservative Free Products


Confused on where to get your required supply of fresh fish and meat during these trying times? Afraid about safety and hygiene? Well, don’t you worry as FreshToHome has you covered! With the growing opinions available in India about eating right and people just generally becoming more health conscious, the time has never been better to go for preservative free meat and produce. A lot of food these days have preservatives added to remain fresh but as one grows older, this can prove problematic. Hence if you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle, avoiding chemical preservatives in your food is the first step. Below are some reasons why switching to chemical free and antibiotic free products can not only prove beneficial to you but also to the environment.

Meat with preservatives are bad for your body:
There are various health risks to the human body when consuming chemically enhanced meat, vegetables and fruits. Studies show that food with preservatives contribute to heart disease, digestive issues, hormonal changes and even cancer. Sodium nitrate which is used in frozen products has been linked to high blood pressure and increases the risk of diabetes. Plus when you buy chicken or vegetables that are preservative free, you know you will be getting your important nutrients without any of the potential health risks.

Supports local farmers and the environment:
Local farmers need and deserve the support from consumers. Their method of animal rearing is more sustainable and beneficial for the planet in comparison to large scale meat producers or commercial farms. It is a known fact that large corporations adopt the method of injecting animals with growth hormones and antibiotics are added to the animal feed to produce heavier and bigger meat cuts. We want to avoid such practices & promote the kind of supply chain that provides healthier and safer products. This type of farming has proven to be less toxic and more sustainable.

An App To Help You Go Preservative Free:
FreshToHome is an online grocery chain which deals in a range of fresh seafood, poultry and meat products. Launched in 2015 FreshToHome is an e-commerce vending platform that boasts a wide range of products which include fish (shell, freshwater and marine), poultry, mutton, steaks, filets, eggs and ready to eat products. With an aim to provide 100% fresh produce with 0% chemicals or antibiotics. The fresh to home unique selling point is the importance they place on buying from local fishermen, poultry and meat farmers. This way customers can enjoy the benefits from consuming preservative free food and support the local economy. Additionally, with their own food delivery trucks and delivery chain, customers will get their products right at their doorsteps. FreshToHome is on a mission to revamp the cold chain market with their sourcing technology and techniques and deliver the freshest products to the customers.

So download the FreshToHome app today and enjoy fresh, chemical free meats, seafood and vegetables.

Stay safe, Eat Healthy!