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Tips to find the nearest lab for RT-PCR test in Delhi


The RT-PCR test is a must for people who have encountered the symptoms of the COVID-19 infection. With the second wave of the pandemic worsening the situation in the capital, it is important to look out for the nearest testing laboratories. And the fact that all types of clinics cannot conduct an RT-PCR test makes the task more difficult. Yes, labs accredited by the NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) have the legal authority to take Coronavirus samples. So, how can one find a functional and credible laboratory nearest to him? Here are a few ways to get RT PCR Test Delhi performed in the best lab.

Suggestions To Find A Lab For RT PCR Test In Delhi

Finding the best testing lab for COVID-19 tests can be a confusing task in Delhi. The city has been taking the blow of the second wave only under the shield of efficiently working labs, clinics and hospitals. But how can one find the best and nearest option of all? Here are a few handy tips to follow. And for a detailed description,visit https://spicehealth.com/book-rt-pcr-test-in-delhi/

Following The Lead of Neighbours & Friends

  • People living in a complex or huge neighbourhood can take suggestions from friends and known parties.
  • Taking the help of family members who may know about the nearest lab for the RT PCR Test Delhi is also an option.
  • In some cases, the doctors also suggest the names of some good labs that have the most advanced tools and well-integrated systems to get fast results.

Conducting Online Search For A Credible Option

  • Most clinics and testing laboratories have their online portals for a better customer reach. And the increasing rush in the hospitals and testing labs makes it challenging to find a slot for submitting the sample. Therefore, searching for “testing labs near me” on a browser page can give the best results.
  • Go through the online website of suggested names on the browser. Check the details and prices charges for RT PCR Test Delhi.
  • Give a call on the given contact numbers to ensure the given information is not false.
  • Book a slot for in-lab testing or home collection as per the requirement. Calling for the latter option is a better idea in case the test is for an elderly family member.

Accessing Mobile Testing Laboratory

  • Some selected clinics and laboratories are offering mobile testing labs facilities. In this service, a testing van roams around in the locality and suburban areas to reach out to patients who cannot travel to the clinics. RT PCR Test Delhi is also possible in this process.
  • Booking slots in these mobile testing labs is also a better alternative, especially for people who end up getting no better result nearest to them.

Opting For Home Collection Service

If none of the given options works, the best and ideal alternative is to call for a home collection service. Some labs do send their technicians to far off places to collect the samples at some additional travelling cost. Selecting this option is better than going through the hectic pressure of travelling to distance testing labs.

All these tips may also suggest an obvious destination, the Spice Health clinics in Delhi. It has five collection centres in the city and one additional lab near the Indira Gandhi International Airport. It covers the major hotspots of Delhi, including Rohini, Chattarpur, Rajouri, Azadpur Mandi, and Dwarka. One can either visit these centres or call for a home collection service for RT PCR Test Delhi. The laboratories offer affordable COVID-19 testing solutions with fast and reliable results. And anyone who does not live near any of these areas can also access the Spice Health Mobile Testing Lab facility.