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Top Four Reasons To Use A Single Supplier For Your Pharmaceutical Needs


If you provide medical services to people in need, your life is complicated enough. Providers already have to navigate complicated legislation and cumbersome insurance processes. You don’t need unnecessary complexities in obtaining medicine for your customers. You may enjoy single-source pharmaceutical product suppliers instead of using individual manufacturers.

Standardized Medicine

Every country on the planet has unique legal standards related to medicines. In addition, many drug manufacturers operate in multiple countries. The same medication may be produced to different criteria based on country of origin. If you shop with individual drug companies, you need to research the background of every product you order.

Using a single U.S. based supplier that is authorized by the U.S. DEA to import controlled substances simplifies this process. You can rest assured that any medications they sell meet the standards set by U.S. federal and state agencies.

Knowledge of International Drug Regulations

Health care providers outside the US would have questions about meeting the drug regulations of their country. In that case, using a supplier that has shipped products all over the world for decades can still save time. Over time that company would build a comprehensive regulation knowledge base. You can focus on treating patients. Let the pharmaceutical product suppliers deal with import/export regulations.

Wide Variety of Products

The best reason to find a single source for your drug products is simplifying the ordering process. The suppliers with the widest distribution oftentimes offer nearly 95% of US FDA authorized drug products. If your organization does not have a large staff of full-time pharmaceutical buyers, you may appreciate receiving one bill at a time. Who has time to order each product from a separate manufacturer?

Long Term Reliability

One of the biggest problems with ordering products across national lines is the lack of company stability. Any organization can build an impressive website. If you are dealing with entities in multiple countries it may be more difficult to find consistent, trustworthy businesses. Finding one company for all your needs is a much safer proposition.

Bottom Line

Whether you prefer expertise, reliability, or simplicity, shopping with one supplier for your drug needs just makes sense. Why make your life unnecessarily complicated, when you could spend that effort helping your clients heal?