Various causes of Alzheimer’s disease


    Recent studies on Alzheimer’s patients of various age and genetic backgrounds have come to a conclusion that the disease that is spreading at an alarming rate are responsible for diverse causes. Primarily, it’s the genetic reason for which alzheimers disease affects individual. Apart from that, trauma, depression, delusions, loss of inhibitions mood swings etc. at a growing rate are found to take a serious turn to declare the person to be an Alzheimer’s patient.

    Here, some of the primary causes of the Alzheimer’s disease are mentioned—


    Unfortunately, genetic mutation is responsible for various diseases. It has been found that the majority victims of Alzheimer’s suffer the same for hereditary reasons. If any of the parents or grandparents of a few generations back had a disease of dementia then chances are strong that the present generation might get caught by the Alzheimer’s gradually.

    Though initially it will start with memory loss, amentia etc. Alzheimer’s is a very slow process in most cases which has been studied but the worst sufferers have to deal with the doom enabled by the disease of forgetting.

    Withstanding age barriers

    Alzheimer’s starts from the middle of late 60’s is called the Late-Onset Alzheimer’s. But in rare cases it has been found that many millennial ageing in between 30-35 are suffering from dementia that leads to the advanced stage of Alzheimer’s. This is called the Early-Onset Alzheimer’s.


    Often excruciating pain and excessive depression regarding any reason leads a person to dementia. If it’s not get cured on time then the sadness or the sense of depravity might lead it the non-curable Alzheimer’s disease which is a literal threat for the person to survive the remaining half of the life.

    Unhealthy environment & improper lifestyle are also indirectly and sometimes directly responsible for the Alzheimer’s disease.