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Weed and its consumption


Marijuana is commonly known as weed, herb, or grass. There are different ways in which it is consumed by people all over the globe. Some use OCB papers to make a joint, some in pipes and blunts, and one of the most trending ways is to use bongs. It has many medicinal properties, because of which it is brewed like tea. In some places, it is added to the edibles like candies and brownies to enhance their nutritional profile. In this volatile space of trends using weed in vaporizers is also surfing well. 

More about the herbal plant

Marijuana or weed has a bioactive compound that has psychoactive properties and gives you a feeling of euphoria. It is one of the easily available and commonly used substances. On one side, it is considered an ill practice, and on the other is a brighter one. Researchers have found the medicinal use of the bioactive compounds present in this herb. The THC present in this herb is used to make tablets, powders, and gummies. These products are used for conditions like headaches, anxiety, and depression. 

Many countries have legalized the consumption of weed, considering its health benefits. Since it is so much in trend, people have found different ways to smoke weed

Weed consumption and methods  

Conventional cigarettes and cigar smoking will never be able to provide the hike that weed gives. People always manage to find innovative ideas to smoke weed. It is smoked using a Joint where a rolling paper is used to make a roll. There are pre-rolled papers available in the market as well. It is advised not to roll a joint too tight. The other way is to make blunts. Blunts are also like joints, but the major distinction between a joint and a blunt is that blunt tobacco leaves are used. This makes a blunt a stronger way to consume weed. 

There are spliffs available where tobacco and cannabis are used together. They have a more energetic and stronger kick. One of the most popular ways to smoke weed is to take it through the bong. Bongs are available in different types and sizes. It uses water to filter smoke to give a smooth kick. Bongs are comparatively safer and more powerful devices for consuming cannabis. 

Some people also use pipes which lie between a joint and a bong. The principle lies the same. The smoke comes through the steam. One of the most trending and cool ways to get high is by using a vaporizer or vape. This device heats the cannabis to produce vapour which contains THC. A similar device is a vape pen; however, it is handier and more stylish. A relatively less known method is dabbing. It requires certain equipment for weed consumption. 

Whatever way it is, weed is slowly getting into the mainstream. The health benefits of psychoactive compounds make it a demanding herb.