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What is Pain Management Therapy?


According to what causes the pain, pain management may be simple or complex. Pain obtained from a herniated disc causing nerve root irritation with pain that radiates down the leg would be a less complex type of pain. Epidural steroid injections and physical therapy are often effective in treating this condition. However, sometimes no relief is found. Various skills and techniques can be used to treat the pain in this situation. Among them are:

  • Surgical interventions
  • Medicine management
  • Physical therapy or chiropractic care
  • Support and counseling in psychological matters
  • Alternative therapies, such as acupuncture;
  • Other specialists may be referred to

There are many aspects of a person’s daily life that can be affected by pain, so all of these skills and services are necessary.

Without-medicines therapy

You can manage your pain with many non-medicine treatments. It’s often better to combine treatments and therapies rather than rely on just one.

Here are a few alternatives to medicine: 

  • Reduce swelling after an injury with ice packs. For chronic injuries, heat packs are more effective.
  • You may be able to reduce pain, stay mobile, and improve your mood with physical therapy such as walking, stretching, strengthening, or aerobic exercises. To avoid overdoing things, you may want to increase your physical activities gradually.
  • It is helpful for soft tissue injuries and should be avoided in cases of joint pain. Physiotherapy includes massage as well. The evidence indicates that massage may help manage certain types of pain, but it is not recommended as a long-term treatment.
  • Meditation and yoga are good ways to relax and manage stress.
  • A type of psychological therapy called cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) can help you learn to change the way you think about pain, and how you feel and behave when confronted with it. Self-management of chronic pain can be learned through this strategy or Ultram (https://orpical.com/ultram-online/).
  • Traditional Chinese medicine is known for its use of acupuncture. An acupuncturist inserts thin needles into specific points on the skin. The technique works by releasing natural pain-relieving compounds (endorphins) within the body to restore the body to balance. It has been found that acupuncture can reduce pain severity and help maintain function in some individuals. 
  • TENS therapy is the delivery of low voltage electrical currents through the skin to prompt the body’s pain-relieving response. Some chronic pain conditions are not sufficiently supported by published evidence for the use of TENS. Occasionally, people with chronic pain who are unresponsive to other treatments may benefit from these treatments. 

The best treatment for you is determined by your doctor or other healthcare professional.