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What Is the Cost of Sleeve Gastrectomy Weight Loss Surgery?

Sleeve Gastrectomy Weight Loss

Before going for gastric sleeve surgery in Phoenix, one question that crops up in the minds of most bariatric patients is how much it would cost. Gastric sleeve is a tried and proven bariatric procedure. However, its cost can be high-priced in both Canada and the United States for a lot of patients.

To understand how much you can expect to pay for a sleeve gastrectomy, you need to know the overall financial benefits, besides the life-changing health benefits it gives.

Factors Affecting the Actual Cost of a Sleeve Gastrectomy Weight Loss Surgery

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery can differ from patient to patient. You need to be aware of the major factors involved in the surgery to realize why medical centres and doctors charge a certain price. At the outset, you need to be clear that the sleeve procedure cost between Mexico and Canada, or the United States will considerably fluctuate. This is due to the exorbitant price rates of medical surgeries in Canada and the United States. In contrast, the gastric sleeve cost in Mexico will not be too expensive. But, in Mexico, too, the average gastric sleeve surgery cost can differ somewhat from hospital to hospital.

Following are some factors affecting the actual sleeve surgery cost:

  1. Surgeon’s fee

The most skilled and certified bariatric surgeons in Mexico might charge a little higher fee than those who are less qualified. But, it is always good to visit a board-certified and experienced bariatric surgeon.

  1. The charges of the medical centre

No matter if you decide to have your bariatric procedure done at a medical centre or a bariatric clinic could create a difference. Some top-rated medical centres in Mexico might have higher operation charges and other expenses than other centres in Canada and the US.

  1. Surgery’s complexity

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery might be slightly high for those who might want a more complicated surgery. Besides the surgeon, the charges of other attending doctors or medical specialists might also be involved.


As per the ASMBS, bariatric surgery not just perks up the wellbeing of a person but lessens their average yearly medical care expenses by about 30%. Besides that, yearly, their efficiency at the place of work increases by 2765 Dollars on average. In the US, the average sleeve gastrectomy weight loss surgery cost generally ranges between 14000 to 15000 Dollars. Learn more about what to expect during your recovery from sleeve gastrectomy.