Home Health What should you expect during an Initial Consultation with a Urologist? 

What should you expect during an Initial Consultation with a Urologist? 


At the initial sign of kidney diseases and anatomic disorder, you should not hesitate to pay your initial urologist visit. It would be similar to your regular consultation. However, it would be coupled with a few series of laboratory tests along with physical examinations. If you were to feel comfortable on your initial urologist new york consultation, it would be pertinent that gain knowledge about the occurrences you would come across at the clinic. 

You should rest assured that the initial consultation would begin with a long discussion about the symptoms that you have been experiencing in the recent past. However, you should consider having an initial consultation with a urologist if your condition was related to kidney disease along with the anatomic disorder. The discussion would be inclusive of what they are when they occur, the severity of the condition, and more. The detailed discussion would be essential for the urologist to ascertain the possibility of illnesses you may have. Henceforth, the urologist would conduct a physical examination as diagnosis need not be based entirely on the discussion and interview. The urologist would require additional evidence to determine the cause of your suffering. 

It would be in your best interest to undergo a physical examination. It would be inclusive of pelvic examination to search for apparent aspects that may be wrong. It could be anatomical abnormalities or dropped bladder. At times, the urologists may not be satisfied with the physical examination. As a result, they would continue to search for tender spots specifically on the front wall of the vagina indicating bladder pain. 

After completing the physical examination, the urologists would wait for laboratory tests. It would be inclusive of an ultrasound bladder scan and urinalysis. It would be pertinent to mention here that these tests would help prove and provide additional facts on the discussion held previously along with physical examination done earlier by the urologist. It would clear any doubts and deduce the reason for your sickness.