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What to know before micro-dosing cannabis?


Micro dosing is a growing trend among many cannabis users. And the main reason to turn towards micro-dosing is, of course, to receive healing benefits without necessarily experiencing the psychoactive effects. 

So, if you are interested in getting started with micro-dosing, but aren’t sure where to begin, then this article will come to your aid. 

Tips to micro-dose cannabis

  • First, know how much cannabis it takes for you to get high so you can determine the quantity for micro-dose.
  • Understand the THC to CBD ratio and potency of the cannabis or your choice.
  • Start your micro-dosing regimen with the strain that has high CBD.
  • Stay away from mixing cannabis and alcohol unless you know better. 
  • Keep an eye on how your body feels so you can titrate the dose accordingly. 
  • Take notes on how the dose is working with your body. This way, you will know to make changes. 
  • Make sure to be on a slow pace until you determine the proper dosage. It is wise to know that micro-dosing is more about practicing patience. 

Benefits of micro-dosing

  • Helps with conditions like stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, inflammation, etc 
  • Increased productivity and creativity throughout the day.
  • Limits the negative effects of taking cannabis. 
  • Gain medicinal benefits while keeping the mind and body responsive. 
  • Gain an opportunity to stretch the stash. 

Over to you

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