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Why Running is Perfect for Losing Weight


Running is the most well-known exercise in the world. It is also connected with several health benefits, and one of these can make you lose weight. Losing weight using best diet pills gives the desired results and you can check guide about it on health-info.org.

Today’s article will discuss everything about running and how it is helpful to shed extra pounds of yours.

Different Types of Running

There are several types of running that you can do to help with weight loss, and each of them has its unique health benefits.

Below are the most popular running types:

  • Base Runs: This is most often called a normal run. This running is short-to-moderate runs for around 10 km
  • Long Runs: This is the longer version of the normal run which can be done at a distance of 15-20 km per session. The purpose of this run is to enhance the overall body fitness and self-endurance
  • Interval Runs: This type of run is a bit short but intense. It is done several times by giving short breaks in every lapse. Interval runs boost your running capabilities in terms of power and speed.
  • Hill Repeats: This run is similar to interval runs, but the process is different, which is uphill. Hill repeats focus on enhancing the running and speed power and at the same time improves the runner’s stamina
  • Recovery Runs: It is the slow runs added to runs like hill runs to extend an additional distance
  • Progression Runs: This run copy the usual competition-style by running at a slow pace then finishing the session by faster pace. It helps to boost endurance, lower the level of fatigue, and increase speed.

Running Burns More Calories

For you to shed some pounds, you need to burn more calories, and doing some exercises can help. Running is a good option if you want to burn more calories. Because this type of activity requires a different kind of muscles to work. For instance, HIIT or high-intensity interval training involves running, which burns a high amount of calories per unit by utilizing different muscles at maximum capacity.

Continuously Burn Calories Even After Running

Indeed, exercising regularly can help any person to lose weight, but few of those exercises consistently burn more calories after you’ve completed the workout. Running like hill repeats and interval runs can burn calories up to 2 days (48 hours) after the running session.

Why? Because this type of run uses several body muscles that require more energy even after you recover. And the effect is often called “afterburn.” This effect can help to burn a massive amount of calories over time. Most personal trainings recommended hill repeats, and interval runs exercises to lose weight quicker.

Intensive Running Suppresses Your Appetite

The key to losing extra pounds is to lower your calorie intake. Many people try to eat less food or changing their diet to follow the calorie deficit. Unluckily, these techniques can only trigger hunger and make weight loss more challenging.

Doing high-intensity running can reduce your appetite, which can help you to eat less. It lessens the production of hunger hormones which helps to reduce someone’s appetite.

Running Has a Lot of Health Benefits

Running has been connected with several health benefits such as:

  • Lowering blood sugar
  • Reducing the risk of having cataracts
  • Improves leg muscle power
  • Prevent heart diseases and other cardiovascular illnesses
  • Promotes stronger and healthier knees
  • Reduce knee pain.

With that said, running is not only good for weight loss, but it also brings different benefits. Unlike with other types of exercise that requires you to use the equipment, running can be done anytime and anywhere.