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4 Factors To Help You Differentiate Physiotherapy And Osteopathy In Singapore


Many are having confusion when it comes to physiotherapy and osteopathy in Singapore. You can see those services in one clinic and have almost similar offers. You might ask questions about them, and those are okay. But to help you see their differences, here are four factors about them to help you differentiate them:


  • Physiotherapy: a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore combines a hands-on and modern way of treatment. They are 60% hands-on and offer ultrasound, electrotherapy, and more.
  • Osteopathy: stretching and muscle energy are some of the treatments in this service. They are also more focused when it comes to a hands-on approach.


  • Physiotherapy: they focus on posture, knee pain, tendon problems, ankle pain, and more.

There are also problems that both of them treat, like sports injuries, headaches, and back pain. You can get the help of the two if you are experiencing any of these three.


  • Physiotherapy: a physiotherapy clinic treats the musculoskeletal system. It focuses on the pain in the bones, ligaments, and joints. But if you have lung issues, you can also trust them.
  • Osteopathy: more on neurological health, musculoskeletal health, and spinal manipulation. If you have issues sleeping or digestive problems, you can also ask for their help.


  • Physiotherapy: this service focuses on hands-on therapies and traditional medicine. But, they are also combining modern ways of treatment to have more accurate findings.
  • Osteopathy: you will always encounter that the body has a mechanism for self-healing because all parts and systems are connected. “Body is a whole” is the common saying about osteopathy.

These four can help you distinguish the differences between the two treatments. If you need any of the services, visit the website of Calibrate Health. They can offer various procedures, like dry needling in Singapore.