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Confinement Services Help Dispel these 5 Common Superstitions


Most Singaporean families have deeply superstitious Chinese roots. Some can have scientific foundations. However, many of these superstitions are also just what it is; superstitions and myths. The following are the most common superstitions and myths that confinement nanny and their services in Singapore can dispel.

#1 Depression

The “baby or postnatal blues” are linked to hormonal changes after a baby is born. Fortunately, this mood is temporary, and most women recover from it. Some depression can be due to the stress of looking after a baby can be alleviated by having help, like confinement nanny services from a reputable Singapore firm.

#2 No Touching Water

These notions are without foundation. Bathing frequently is beneficial to one’s hygiene and comfort. It helps to prevent skin and wound infections.

#3 Driving Out Wind

There is no danger in drinking wine, sesame oil, or traditional herbs in moderation. Your stay in nanny from a reputable Singapore agency can even create refreshing herb concoctions for you. However, they can be harmful to you and your baby if consumed in large quantities.

#4 Drinking Plain Water

Doctors will recommend you drink enough water, especially if you are still nursing. The kidneys will generate more urine in the first few weeks after the baby is delivered to clear the extra fluid collected throughout the pregnancy.

#5 Only Eat Liver and Meats

After delivery and nursing, the body needs to replace its resources throughout the confinement period. Whatever your views, it is more necessary to restore the body’s resources with a well-balanced diet. A confinement nanny from a reputable agency in Singapore will help cook food that can restore nutrients in your body.

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