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6 Ideas for Newborn Gift Sets for Lactating Mothers and Babies


Best Gifts for Lactating Moms

Here is a list of gift ideas you can include in your newborn gift sets for lactating moms and cute babies.

#1 Trendy Nursing Covers

Not every mother or baby is comfortable with a cover-up. Some babies won’t feed while being covered. However, you can look for a scarf that doubles as a scarf for a lactating mother that does use a cover so mama can stay chic.

#2 Cosy Nursing Cowl

It is not easy to breastfeed when the weather is colder and at night. No one wants to lift their shirts when the air is chilly, and sometimes low-cut nursing tops won’t do. Include a nursing cowl in your gift for times like this.

#3 Yummy Lactation Cookies

Many mothers don’t produce milk efficiently while others can. Include a pack of yummy cookies with lactation oats in your gift set to give the lactating mother a little help in their milk production. There are also many other galactagogue lactation supplements for a better milk supply.

#4 Trendy Matching Apparel For Mom and Baby

Give a lactating mother a reason to laugh and smile with cute, trendy yet funny clothes for her and her baby. It will brighten their day without much effort.

#5 All-Purpose Balm

Dr Lipp is a multi-purpose lip balm that started as a nipple cream product. Now, people use it for everything from being a primer to taming stubborn eyebrows. It can give a nursing mom the motivation to stay glowing.

#6 Personalised Insulated Water Bottle

Lactating mothers need lots of water to keep themselves hydrated. Give a lactating mother a personalised water bottle that they can use for everything, from water to juices and teas or hold their specially formulated lactation drink.

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