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4 Telltale Signs That You Need Mammogram Screening In Singapore


Breast cancer is one of the most common and fatal cancers among women worldwide. Regular mammogram screening in Singapore is the key to the early detection and prevention of breast cancer.

Mammogram screening is a test that checks women’s breasts for signs of breast cancer. Although it is advisable to have regular breast cancer health screening in Singapore, the frequency depends on several factors, including a family history of breast cancer and age.

Here are the signs that you need a mammogram screening:


One reason self-breast check is vital is that it detects the presence of a lump. The lumps or tumours can be either benign or malignant. Benign tumours are tender and painful when touched, but they are non-cancerous. On the other hand, malignant tumours are hard and cancerous.

Regular breast self-exams or feeling the breast, their sides, and around the nipple area for any signs of lumps is as important as getting a mammogram screening in Singapore.


Another prominent sign is that you need a breast checkup. There are many reasons why it is common for women to experience breast pain. For instance, breasts become tender when the woman approaches her menstrual cycle. Nursing mothers also experience breast engorgement in the early days of breastfeeding.

But how will you know if the breast pain is unusual and needs medical attention? If breast throbbing, discomfort, and pain persist without valid reasons, such as nearing period or breastfeeding, it is time to get a health check up in Singapore.


Your nipples can also tell that there is something wrong with your breast. Nipples sometimes expel discharge despite the lack of lactation. They also change in appearance. Nipples redden, thicken, or the texture becomes flaky. They sometimes become inverted, too.

Visit your doctor if you ever see these signs on your nipples. These can be manifestations of breast cancer.


The breast size only changes when the woman is lactating. During pregnancy and the first few months of giving birth, the breasts are slightly bigger than their actual sizes.

With breast cancer, however, the rapid and drastic increase in size and change in shape is often caused by a large tumour. A mammogram screening in Singapore can help with further evaluation. 

Assess your breast; if you notice these signs, visit your doctor immediately.

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