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Sinus Treatment 101 – 3 Common Treatment Mistakes To Avoid


There are times when we wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose. During the cold and flu season, many of us experiencing colds and sinusitis are looking for a way on how to clear a blocked nose. It’s common for adults and children to experience sinus inflammation and nasal drip every now and then. 

While it’s normal in our life to undergo and experience this problem, it’s crucial to find decent remedies to try when a sinus problem strikes. However, many of these self-remedies we do at home should be carefully avoided or used with proper caution. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid when treating sinus problems:

Avoid Excessive Use Of Nasal Spray

If you are looking for a sinus treatment in Singapore, most of us would have known about using the nasal spray as a remedy. Nasal sprays are effective in alleviating sinus infections for a short-term solution. However, many can abuse using nasal sprays without being aware of their long-term impact. Overuse can cause thinning of tissues inside your nose, which can increase the risk of frequent nosebleeds. Some decongestant sprays can also worsen infection because of their chemical properties. Hence, it’s vital to contact a specialist for proper application.

Refrain From Using Tap Water For Nasal Irrigation

Nasa irrigation is another frequent method to treat sinus passages. If you are looking for sinusitis treatment in Singapore, you’ll encounter this type of treatment. However, there are many mistakes when using tap water. It can introduce the risk of bacterial infection and parasites into their sinuses. It’s vital to use sterilised water than those that came directly from your kitchen sink. To further avoid the risk, it’s often best to buy and use sterile saline sprays. You can also make your own solution by boiling tap water for at least five minutes.

Steer Clear From Unnecessary Treatment & Medications

When it comes to DIY medications, we often look for simple and easy ways to treat blocked noses or sinusitis, especially online. While it’s easy to look for a simple sinus treatment online, many provide wrong information and unproven methods, which bear side-effects. Not to mention, it’s unnecessary to use further drug prescriptions to treat sinus infections (unless your doctor recommends you to do so for quicker treatment). Nevertheless, it’s vital to research and ask an ENT doctor first.

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