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My Daughter’s Visit To The Paediatric ENT In Singapore


On a typical day, my daughter would be her usual cheerful and energetic self. Even when I tell her to help me with one of the chores, she always has a big smile on her face and a bounce in her step as she picks up all the clothes from the ground. She’s just a girl who looks at life with excitement and wonder, so the instances where I find her acting the opposite are enough to make me instantly worry. The reason behind her shift in behaviour would either be because something ruined her day or she’s sick. When things cause her mood to drop, it’s usually easy to comfort her. When she’s sick, on the other hand, it takes a while for her spirit to return, and it also makes me want to call for a paediatric ENT in Singapore instantly. 

The Cold

There was a time she had a cold that lasted for more than five days. I thought the weather was making it difficult for her to recover from it, but it eventually scared me when she began producing yellow-green nasal drainage. I thought it would eventually go away, but it lasted for three days. Instead of waiting for the fourth day, I decided to bring her to the ENT specialist clinic in Singapore to have her symptoms diagnosed finally. If it brings back the twinkle in her eyes, I’ll do anything for her to feel better. 

The Wait

Once we arrived at the clinic, we had to stay in the waiting room since other children were before us. To pass the time, I asked some parents in the room about what their child was sick with. Some of them had allergy problems, while others had issues with their ears. Some parents didn’t know what was wrong with their children, so they came to seek help from a paediatric ENT specialist in Singapore. It was similar to the situation I was experiencing, and it made me glad that I decided to go to an ENT clinic when I started noticing odd symptoms. 

The Answer

My daughter had been sniffling, coughing, and sneezing up a storm into multiple tissues during the wait, but it finally became our turn after a few minutes. As we approached the ENT doctor, she told my daughter to sit at the examination table at the side. After answering a few of her questions about what has been happening with my child lately, she performed a physical examination and a nasendoscopy to look better inside the nose. My daughter took it like a champ, and I was so proud of how she handled it. It was then revealed to me that she had sinusitis and needed treatment in Singapore. I was reassured that it wasn’t a severe case since it was activated from her allergy attack a week ago. 

The Solution

The prescription that is usually given for sinusitis usually consists of antibiotics, intranasal steroid sprays, nasal rinses, and decongestants. Once we were told what medication to buy, I thanked the paediatric ENT doctor in Singapore for helping me with my daughter’s condition before leaving the room with my daughter in tow. I immediately bought what was advised of us and made sure to use them accordingly. It didn’t take long for my daughter to return to her usual sunny self again, and I have the ENT clinic to thank for that.

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