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Best Way to Lose Fat is Avoid These Things



So, you want to lose fat? In fact, your chances of succeeding leap if you avoid the things below.

Sugar Sweetened Drinks

Because the brain doesn’t consider sugar sweetened drinks as solid food, these drinks don’t satisfy your appetite. Instead you drink all these calories and still get hungry for solid food. In addition, the calories from the sugary drinks makes you put on fat.

Moreover, fruit juice also has similar effects. Regrettably, fruit juices give the impression that it’s healthy and good for you. But, the large quantity of sugar in the juice simply adds fat to your body.

Sweet Dishes

Next, for the most part, nearly everyone likes sweet dishes. Now, while having one very infrequently is fine, eating sweet dishes on a regular basis simply will not help you lose fat or weight. For example, sweet dishes like pastries, cookies, and cakes are packed with added sugar and refined flour. Also, they may even contain trans fats. And, let’s not forget ice cream. In fact, ice cream also has a lot of added sugar.

Meanwhile, you are likely not going to be satisfied with just one serving. In fact, the sugar that you just ingested makes you want to have more. By the way, instead of eating a sweet dish, try a piece of dark chocolate instead.

Fried Foods

Next, fried foods contain a lot of fat, calories, and quite a bit of salt. As a result, many people like the taste and crunchiness of fried foods. Regrettably, fried foods also have trans fats, which raises your bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and lower your good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

By the way, trans fats are formed when unsaturated fats are hydrogenated by food manufacturers. And manufacturers do this to improve the shelf life of fried foods. In the meantime, foods with trans fats results in inflammation. Which, in turn, increases insulin resistance. And, insulin resistance, in turn, causes glucose to accumulate in blood. Moreover, this excess glucose results in increased fat and weight.

In addition, because of the fried food’s high fat content, it takes the body much longer to digest fried foods. As a result, much of the fried food adds fat in the belly and elsewhere.

Low Fiber Diet

Because fiber swells when eaten, fiber provides a feeling of fullness. And, the longer you feel satisfied, the less likely you are to overeat. Consequently, the more fiber you eat the less you overeat. On the other hand, a low fiber diet doesn’t make you feel full. Consequently, you end up wanting to eat more. As a result, you put on more fat and weight.

By the way, many high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets, such as the Stillman diet, have only small amounts of whole grains, and not enough fiber. Also, you may not get enough fiber if you eat mostly processed and refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, regular pasta and snacks. So, avoid these, if you can.

Low-fat Fat-free Foods

Meanwhile, stay away from foods marked as low-fat or fat-free. In fact, these foods contain a lot of added sugar to make up for the fat that was either reduced or excluded. Also, breakfast cereals, for the most part, may be labeled low-fat or fat-free, but have lots of added sugar.

Processed Foods

First, meat that is curled, smoked, fermented, preserved, dried or canned is generally known as processed meat. Moreover, processed meats usually have large amount of salt but poor nutrients. Also, processed meats are packed with calories compared to poultry, fish, and beans. For example, processed meats include canned meat, corned beef, cured bacon, cured meat, dried meat, ham, hot dogs, beef jerky, salami, sausages, and smoked meat.

In the meantime, a National Institutes of Health study reported that eating processed foods makes us feel even more hungry, so we eat more of it. By and large, the study researchers think fresh foods trigger hormones that regulate our appetite and suppresses hunger. In addition, people tend to eat unprocessed foods more slowly so that our body gets the time to recognize that we are full. On the other hand, these researchers found that people who eat processed foods tend to overeat.


By the way, cocktails contain a lot of sugary fruit juices and syrups that significantly increase your blood sugar levels. Also, even regular or light beer is heavy in calories.

In addition, while moderate amount of red wine is good for you, excess alcohol leads to inflammation and liver disease. Furthermore, studies have shown alcohol suppresses fat burning while the calories in alcohol get partly stored as fat.


Finally, avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. In fact, a study found that a sedentary lifestyle causes psychological distress such as feeling tired, restless, and feeling hopeless. Also, research shows your brain health suffers, and you tend to forget things.
  2. Also, your blood sugar levels rise which results in more fat and weight.
  3. In addition, you may have a hard time falling asleep. Which in turn adds to the fat.
  4. Lastly, your backache gets worse.

Meanwhile, if circumstances force you to a sedentary lifestyle, you can try to do some things to help yourself. For example, there are machines that get your legs moving while you are sitting doing work, watching television, reading a book, talking on the phone, playing board games, etc.