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Do Teeth Whitening Kits Really Work – Know How They Help


Teeth become yellow due to harsh drinks and food. Also, they cause various issues like stains, decay, and more. So, keeping teeth clean and white is essential. Whiter, brighter teeth add a beautiful smile to you and enhance your appearance. You may have found information about teeth whitening kits in newspapers, magazines, and the internet.

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The following is some information that helps to know how teeth whitening kits work.

Many OTC (over-the-counter) products are available on the market. These kits include whitening strips that can lighten the color of the teeth if you choose the right one and use them in the right way.

According to studies, whitening kits are safe if used as per the directions. Crest whitening strips are made with peroxide that doesn’t sit on the teeth for a long time. Also, they provide dazzling white teeth within few days.

When using any whitening product, go through the instructions carefully, and follow them. Be attentive to sensitivities in the gum and teeth after using it.

How do teeth whitening kits work?

You can whiten the teeth in two ways. 1. Taking them off with strips, gels, toothpaste, or trays. 2. scraping stains physically.

Lights, which produce heat

They are seen in the dentist’s offices. There is no evidence, which proves the lighting systems can produce heat to make the difference in the reaction speed, which is measurable or noticeable. People who sit in the light will experience the same tooth color as those who don’t sit in the light shine.

It means the light doesn’t reduce the time needed to get the expected results, but exposure to too much heat is not good for teeth – a pulp that has nerves and connective tissues.

Photocatalyst system

These systems use light that doesn’t generate heat. Instead, they contain a chemical solution photocatalyst that helps to speed up the reaction when they hit with the light. For instance, by using Crest teeth whitening strips, you can notice results within 3 days.

If you have yellow-colored teeth caused due to stains of beverages and foods or by aging, teeth whitening products are the ideal choice. Teeth discoloration will also occur due to underlying conditions. In case teeth discoloration occurs because of other reasons, consult your dentist immediately.

Tips for oral higene

With food and time, changes in the teeth and discoloration occur. Taking a few precautions will help you in maintaining oral hygiene and sparkling teeth. They are:

  • Brush 2 times per day
  • Flossing
  • Using mouthwash
  • Avoid drinks and food that stains like coffee, tea, red wine, etc

Products like crest 3D white can help to achieve the tooth shade. Also, they don’t make the teeth sensitive as other bleaching systems.

To get professional effects at home, choose the best store that offers effective teeth whitening products and order them today.