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Does the gazelle freestyle actually work?


Gazelle is a cardio machine which consists of two pedals on which you stand and with the help of handles you move your body to and fro in a scissoring motion glide. The faster you move the harder your cardiovascular system work and your calories get burned.

There are many factors which contribute whether the gazelle freestyle machine is actually effective or not. A few of these factors are

Low impact workout:

Gazelle is a low impact workout machine. That means that is more effective on old people who have joint pain and haven’t worked out almost all their life. This is because people who have not been active in a long time their body becomes used to that state. When they start working out the rate at which their calories burn increases. As long as you keep eating the same amount of calories you did before using the gazelle workout machine you will see some weight loss.

Stability issues:

One of the main issue of the gazelle freestyle is that of stability. Athletes and runners who need to lose extra weight might not find the gazelle exercise machine effective because at high speed it becomes unstable as it offers low resistance. Also the gazelle freestyle is too easy as compared to the other options. Stable option to replace gazelle freestyle is a treadmill which gives multiple options to the runner like inclined. Also there is more movement in treadmill rather than a gazelle

Fat burning zone:

Key factor in burning weight is to exercise in the fat burning zone. It is calculated by men subtracting their age from 220 and women subtracting 88 percent of their age from 206. To establish your maximum heart rate. The gazelle freestyle has a thumb pulse sensor that displays your heart rate so you can make sure you are in the right zone. But considering the fact that the gazelle freestyle is not suitable for extreme exercise as it fails to provide you with high speed and resistance necessary for a vigorous workout.


Considering the above points we come to the conclusion that the gazelle freestyle is effective and burns calories as long as you are burning more calories than you are eating overall. But its effective to old people mostly and shows slow progress on athletes. Comparison of gazelle to other machines indicates that it is effective but not much efficient. Click here to know more