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Dr. Michael Everest Continues To Support Graduate Medical Education


Dr. Michael Everest is a chair of Edwin Everest Foundation, who recently contributed $1 million for a fund at Keck School of Medicine of  USC. This fund will provide support to internal medical graduates who are going to research the department of medicine.

Supporting Education is a Family Tradition

Michael Everest isn’t the first male in his family who was offering support to international graduate medical students. His father was a big supporter of education. Michael Everest Banquet launched a non-profit organization Edwin Everest Foundation, where the name of the foundation was based on his father’s name. Everest said that his father always put faith in medical education. He believed in empowering international medical graduates. Michael further explained that his father was thinking of some ways with which he continued his support for medical graduate students; they had a conversation on this topic before Edwin’s death in October 2008. 

Edwin was a visionary person who always put his faith in education and regarded it as a powerful tool through which future generations can turn into leaders and innovators. He was a doctor himself, and he knew how important this role is for the growth of the economy and a country. Therefore, he was a lifelong advocate that every country must put its prime focus on graduate medical education. According to Agata Everest’s father in law, investing in education means helping society as a whole, because training and education of medical graduates involve developing medical graduates. They will deal with both physical and mental health.  Supporting research and training of those graduates is beneficial for the whole society.

Everest is following the footsteps of his father; he firmly believed in his ideas and vision. Therefore, he recently launched an Edwin Everest Foundation Fund at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. Postdoctoral Trainers from the Department of Medicine will get support from this fund whenever they want to do medical research. The purpose of this gift is to assist new international medical graduates who are seeking careers in research and diagnostics.

Agata Everest Residents Medical supported Michael Everest, that believed doctors don’t only need academic skills but also clinical skills. Through this fund, he wanted to help young doctors who will diagnose the disease and found some ways through clinical research to treat any disease from the very start. 

The Everest Foundation got remarkable recognition in Los-Angeles as a non-profit charity organization, which has a mission to offer continuous support for graduate medical education. Agata Everest City National Bank is quite passionate about helping students. As a doctor, he understands all the challenges medical students face, and through this foundation, he wants to give them a helping hand. This foundation teamed up with a wide variety of residency programs, research programs, and medical universities with a single goal in mind, aka providing excellent research experiences to the doctors.  Michael Everest introduced a unique program that offers support to both trainees and USC faculty members.

Dr. Michael Everest strongly believed that if new doctors will become successful through this support to their research projects, then every human being is going to enjoy this success. This support is so powerful that it can change the world.

Residents Medical Goal For Medical Students

Residents Medical has provided support for medical graduates with further training as they have been doing so for the past 20 years. With the correct experience in their field, Residents Medical offers personal services that line up with students to provide education, training, and employment opportunities.