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Products to supplement proteins particularly suitable for those who do high intensity sports


The protein supplements found on the market are largely powdered products and can be added to smoothies or dissolved in drinks to be consumed as snacks or snacks. There are many flavors to choose from: chocolate, vanilla, fruit, coffee. But regardless of taste, every athlete must be followed by an expert in sports medicine and nutrition if he wants to increase his protein intake through supplements and therefore help muscle mass. With Zotezo you can choose the best deal.

The Facts Choice

It is in fact a very vast world: dairy proteins, wheat proteins, egg proteins, soy proteins. In addition, an excess of protein can be harmful to health. The recommendation is always to follow the advice of an expert to calculate the appropriate dose to consume.

According to a study reported by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) there are several health effects associated with protein intake. The benefits for the bone and muscle systems are among them . On average in Europe we take enough protein from our diet (the same study finds it), but those who do a type of physical activity for which they want or need to increase muscle mass, often choose to increase their daily dose by taking this type of supplement. Not just body builders. Some rugby players, for example, choose to increase their protein intake to become ‘big’ but not ‘fat’, as British champion James Haskell said some time ago. Choose the Best Mass gainer there now.

  • To avoid this, it is therefore necessary to increase your protein intake during a diet. The daily protein intake recommendations are even higher for people on a slimming diet than for people who want to gain muscle mass. In this case we recommend a daily consumption of around 1.2 to 2 g of protein per kg of body weight (this figure can be even higher in the case of protein diets).
  • Protein drinks can be useful to cover this important protein need just as they can be for mass gain, because they quickly and simply provide a large amount of protein to the body. In addition, they generally contain practically no fat or carbohydrates. They are therefore lower in calories than certain sources of protein found in conventional food and therefore perfect for a diet. Try our protein diet.

Therefore, in bodybuilding, the use of whey during the day, an amino acid complex before / after the session and a dose of casein at bedtime will be ideal. Combined with a quality diet, this strategy will allow you to put all the chances on your side to gain muscle, improve your recovery and limit fat gain.


In summary, Whey Protein is an excellent dietary supplement to promote muscle hypertrophy and improve recovery. The choice is vast between an economical concentrated whey cheese and a native protein isolate extracted from cow’s milk of European quality, raised in the open air. Go for the Best Multivitamin capsules there.

If you favor quality, pay attention to the origin of the raw materials, the manufacturing controls as well as the guarantee of an intake of proteins and amino acids assimilable by the body.Finally, to maximize your muscle gains, we recommend a dose of protein before / after your workout as well as a snack to meet your needs representing 2g / kg of body weight.