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Effective Solutions for the Best STD Tests and More


The clinical experience of recent years underlines the importance of an early diagnosis as very effective therapies are available in fighting the AIDS virus and preventing the onset of symptoms.

HIV infection can only be diagnosed by having a specific test for the virus

The test searches for the antibodies that our body produces against the virus as a result of the infection. The formation of anti-HIV antibodies is not immediate, there is a period called “window” (up to 6 weeks) during which the test result is not reliable

Following a risky sexual behavior it is decided to carry out a test for HIV in the window period. If it is negative, it is important to repeat it three months after the risk episode. If, following risky behavior, flu-like symptoms, swollen lymph nodes, rash appear, HIV testing is recommended

In addition to the std test , it is also necessary to undergo tests for other sexually transmitted diseases  after medical advice.

  • If 6 weeks have passed since the risk.
  • If a short time has passed and symptoms occur.
  • If, in a stable relationship, you think about abandoning the condom and the rules of safer sex.
  • If you plan to have a child you need to get tested for HIV.

The importance of getting tested for HIV

Currently, and in our latitudes, HIV infection is considered a chronic disease.

It is still not a curable but curable disease

  • If HIV infection is diagnosed early, available antiretroviral therapies offer a life expectancy comparable to that of HIV-negative people, which gives space to personal, work and family life plans, including having children.
  • Early diagnosis through HIV testing (link) allows people to receive adequate support and care as well as prevent the risk of passing the virus to others.
  • After diagnosis, the antiretroviral treatment that follows, through regular medical supervision, is able to decrease the infectious capacity of the HIV virus, preventing the transmission of the virus to other people.
  • Arriving at a late diagnosis results in a weakened state of health at the time of the positive test as well as putting the past and present partners at risk.
  • Few rules are needed to avoid exposing yourself to risk. Practicing safer sex (link) in casual or overnight intercourse as well as at the start of a new relationship until the test results if you decide to abandon the condom.
  • Clinicians and experts from all over Europe came together to take stock of the state of the art of the AIDS disease, after the recent request made by the European Union, which followed a previous one in July 2008, for each member state to intervene to regulate and draw up their own HIV Guidelines.

Italy is the first Member State of the European Union to have recently drafted its own legislation which concerned the reaffirmation of the need to perform the test, proposed specific methods for providing the test and delivering the results on the national territory and identifying the sensitive recipients to whom to address the test offer.